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January 2015

Florida Pathologists Critical of UnitedHealth and BeaconLBS

CEO SUMMARY: In a letter to UnitedHealthcare, the Florida Society of Pathologists says UHC’s pilot laboratory management program will have a negative effect on patient care by delaying access to care and timely diagnoses of disease. Signed by more than 120 members of the society, the letter lays out inconsistencies in the requirements of UHC’s pilot program that Florida physicians must follow to obtain pre-notification or pre-authorization for more than 80 clinical laboratory tests.

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Florida Docs Seek to Cut Ties with UnitedHealthcare

CEO SUMMARY: Physicians in Florida continue to express significant concerns about UnitedHealthcare’s pilot program requiring pre-notification for 80 clinical laboratory tests, including many routine tests, and pre-authorization for two genetic tests. The pro- gram is so onerous that some physicians have said they want to get out of their United contracts. Moreover, during a recent webinar to show Florida physicians how the BeaconLBS system works, officials from BeaconLBS could not get the system to function!

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Why You Want the Insider’s Perspective of Lab News

Our editorial team was discussing this quote as we assembled this issue of THE DARK REPORT. It features two primary stories. First is the effort by UnitedHealthcare, BeaconLBS (and its owner, Laboratory Corporation of America), to require all physicians and all laboratories serving UHC patients in Florida to comply with a specific system of lab test pre-notification and pre- authorization. We report on more dissatisfaction by physicians about the intent and function of UHC’s laboratory benefits management program.

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Lab Industry to Confront Major Issues during 2015

CEO SUMMARY: Will 2015 turn out to be a watershed year for the clinical laboratory industry? Not only are two federal agencies pushing forward with initiatives that will touch nearly every medical lab in the United States in the next 12 months, but other equally powerful trends continue to negatively influence the prices labs are paid for their testing services. All these factors make it essential for lab administrators and pathologist business leaders to work proactively to maintain their lab’s financial stability.

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