Dark Intelligence Group, Inc. (DIG)

From the day of its founding in 1995, The Dark Intelligence Group (DIG) earned immediate recognition as the clinical laboratory industry’s pre-eminent source for essential market intelligence and business news. It is best known as the publisher of The Dark Report, its hard-hitting intelligence service that is issued every third Monday. But DIG plays a bigger role in the clinical laboratory industry and the anatomic pathology profession. It produces well-attended meetings on medical laboratory management and operations every year in the United States, England, and Canada. It provides strategic consulting services to independent lab companies, hospitals and health systems, and pathology group practices. Any successful organization should be known by the company it keeps, and DIG is no exception. DIG Founder and President, Robert L. Michel, is regularly engaged to consult with leading medical lab organizations and IVD manufacturers here in the United States and abroad. Members of DIG and its consulting clients continually use the intelligence, strategies, and assessments covered in The Dark Report, delivered at the meetings, and in consultation with DIG’s President, to generate millions of dollars in successful responses to marketplace changes. The scope and reach of DIG’s activities with many of the clinical lab industry’s best innovators and most successful lab organizations is why The Dark Report, the Executive War College, and Lab Quality Confab are recognized nationally and internationally as the “go to” sources for the most important news, trends, and unfolding developments within the clinical laboratory industry.

The Dark Report

Most people don’t know the real story of The Dark Report. (See founder, Robert L. Michel interview by HEALTHCARE PERFORMANCE INSIDER). For years, only an elite group of clinical laboratory CEOs, senior executives, and pathologist-business leaders had access to the medical laboratory industry intelligence produced by The Dark Intelligence Group (DIG). It was their secret weapon and allowed them to stay ahead of important trends and marketplace developments. Then, in 1995, DIG Founder Robert L. Michel took the unprecedented step of creating a vehicle to deliver this exclusive market intelligence to anyone working in clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups that had the desire to be proactive in advancing the clinical and financial success of their lab organizations. Since its inception in 1995, The Dark Report has been issued to clients every third Monday. Fast to read and easy to comprehend, each issue of The Dark Report has a carefully curated selection of intelligence briefings. Most importantly, every story and every intelligence briefing in a single issue is presented to show the reader how peer labs are cutting costs, expanding market share, deploying new clinical lab technologies, and advancing the clinical effectiveness of their clinical lab and pathology services. In fact, an alert member should be able to take any single issue of The Dark Report and find at least one management strategy or operational innovation that can be implemented in his/her lab and will generate cost savings of tens of thousands of dollars yearly or additional new revenue sources of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually! Because of this extraordinary value, over two decades, consistently 86% of members have renewed their DIG memberships. That’s your assurance that your membership in the Dark Intelligence Group is a proven way you to get the essential intelligence you need to keep your lab at the top of its game, both clinically and financially!

DARK Daily

DARK Daily is a concise e-news/management briefing on timely topics in clinical laboratory and anatomic pathology group management. It provides a solution to the dilemmas facing everyone involved in the laboratory profession. New developments, new technology, and changing healthcare trends make it imperative to stay informed to be successful. At the same time, the digital age has overwhelmed any one individual’s ability to absorb this crushing tsunami of data.

DARK Daily is quick to read, providing an easy-to-understand alert on key developments in laboratory medicine. Produced and written by the experts at The Dark Report and The Dark Intelligence Group, who know your world and understand your needs—DARK Daily has no counterpart in the lab world, bringing concise intelligence on only those topics that are most important to you!

This e-briefing service is totally FREE, delivering a short, easy-to-digest news item three times per week, highlighting noteworthy developments in the clinical laboratory industry. First alerts to important news events, incisive assessment of best-practice breakthroughs, and strategic insights on important trends make these e-briefings timely and valuable.

You will also find DARK Daily to be an exceptionally valuable resource in laboratory and pathology management, with some of the lab industry’s keenest minds and experts offering their knowledge, insights, and recommendations on winning strategies and management methods. Many of these experts are unknown to most lab directors. As has proven true with The Dark Report lab intelligence service for more than twenty years, DARK Daily will be an unmatched resource, giving you access to the knowledge and experience of these accomplished lab industry professionals.

Executive War College on Laboratory and Pathology Management

Now in its third decade, the Executive War College is the world’s largest conference devoted to the management and operation of clinical laboratories and pathology groups. Held every spring, typically in New Orleans, this special event brings together the lab industry’s best and brightest who are interested in learning the latest developments in the competitive lab marketplace, new diagnostic technologies, and the most important changes in lab test reimbursement and managed care contracting.

The Executive War College is the place where the latest developments in clinical uses of molecular diagnostics, genetic testing, and whole human gene sequencing are discussed. Held over two days, the conference features 60 sessions and more than 90 expert speakers. The curriculum is a rich mix of management case studies by first-mover clinical labs and pathology groups, insightful strategic presentations by leading thinkers in lab management, complemented with hands-on workshops by recognized experts in lab operations, lab informatics, lab coding/billing/collections, managed care contracting, to name a few. Each year, the Executive War College also offers an extended workshop on mergers & acquisitions of clinical labs and pathology groups. It has grown into the nation’s biggest annual gathering of lab owners, venture capitalists, private equity investors, and financial advisors. In a true sense, each year’s Executive War College on Laboratory and Pathology Management delivers a comprehensive mix of sessions that deliver the A-to-Z in everything a talented lab executive, lab administrator, or pathologist needs to know to run a financially-successful lab that delivers state-of-the-art medical laboratory testing services.


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