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Significant Developments Are Shaping Lab Market

Yes! The FDA final LDT rule is the biggest story! But labs are also being challenged in multiple ways

CEO SUMMARY: With 140 speakers and 1,000+ attendees, this year’s Executive War College again provided a comprehensive picture of the specific forces reshaping the U.S. market for lab testing services. Presented here is a smorgasbord of information and innovation shared by different spea...

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FDA Hosts Webinar to Explain Key Issues with Final LDT Rule

After publication in Federal Register on May 6, FDA’s LDT rule becomes effective on July 5


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Labcorp, Quest Issue Q1 Earnings, Offer Comments on FDA’s LDT Rule

Both clinical lab companies benefited from acquisitions of independent lab firms and hospital outreach labs


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New CISA Draft Rule Mandates Rapid Reporting of Cyberattacks

Rule proposed by the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

CEO SUMMARY: There is another federal rule that will require compliance by clinical labs. An agency of U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security published a draft rule on April 4 that requires certain organizations—including hospitals, clinical labs, and pathology groups—to report, within 72 ho...

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Lab’s Innovation Center Encourages Staff Ideas

Staff at Sonora Quest Laboratories now have way to share ideas to improve service, deliver more value

CEO SUMMARY: At a time when health plans consider lab testing a commodity, the team at Sonora Quest Laboratories deliberately set out to encourage ideas and innovation from its staff by creating the “Innovation Center of Excellence.” One innovation involves helping health plans and ph...

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Why Ransomware Attacks Are a Threat to Your Lab

  Have you and your lab management team noticed the major shift in cybercrime that targets healthcare providers, including clinical ...

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