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August 7, 2017 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News

Intelligence Late & Latent News

PAML of Spokane, Washington, was the subject of an unusual public disclosure recently made by Laboratory Corporation of America. The lab company sent a statement to the Spokane Journal of Business stating its plans to make PAML “its primary lab site in the western U.S. for workplace and toxicology testing.” The statement was made to the

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Lab Informatics Update California Pathology Labs to Report Data to State’s Cancer Registry

Cancer data to be submitted starting in 2019, would support clinical trials and improved care

HEALTHCARE BIG DATA IS ADVANCING in California and all pathologists in the Golden State will be required to submit data to the state’s cancer registry beginning in 2019.

California’s new law to support the state’s cancer registry is the latest example of an effort to ensure the timely collection of complete sets of data needed to

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Lab Acquisitions Update LabCorp Spends $1.2 Billion to Acquire UK’s Chiltern

LabCorp will pair Chiltern with Covance, another contract research organization it acquired in 2015

IT IS THE NEXT STEP to continue diversifying its business away from clinical laboratory testing. On July 31, Laboratory Corporation of America announced that it would acquire Chiltern, a specialty contract research organization in London and Wilmington, N.C.

LabCorp valued the all-cash transaction at about $1.2 billion and said it would fund the deal with a

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Issues Encountered with Anthem’s Pre-approval

Laboratories, physicians report challenges with Anthem’s genetic test pre-approval program

CEO SUMMARY: Since Anthem and AIM Specialty Health began a prior-authorization program for genetic testing July 1, a Northeast lab has not had any genetic tests approved through the new system. Physicians told the lab that the steps required for prior authorization were disruptive. Those doctors who regularly order genetic tests had not been trained

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LabCorp, Quest Talk about Medicare Lab Price Cuts

In calls with analysts, both laboratory companies explain how lab industry is working with Congress

CEO SUMMARY: In an effort to forestall CMS’ efforts to implement the PAMA final rule on market price reporting, Laboratory Corporation of America and Quest Diagnostics are meeting with members of Congress, officials in the administration, and the new leadership of CMS. During recent conference calls, executives at both lab companies shared insights about these

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NILA Asks Labs to Speak about PAMA Rule’s Flaws

Lab directors urged: Tell Congress to delay PAMA implementation and its revision of rates

CEO SUMMARY: In a call to action, the National Independent Laboratory Association is urging lab owners, lab managers, and pathologists to educate their members of Congress about the biases and deep flaws built into the final rule for PAMA market price reporting and how the rule will result in reduced access to clinical lab testing

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Delay and Fix Is Message From Labs to Congress

How CMS intends to cut Medicare lab prices is a major concern for clinical laboratory industry

CEO SUMMARY: Only a few months remain before the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services makes deep price cuts to Medicare Part B clinical laboratory test fees. Before those cuts go into effect, lab associations and lab professionals are educating members of Congress and the new administration about the bias and flaws in CMS’

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2014’s PAMA Fix Comes Back to Haunt Big Labs

AS YOU READ THE INTELLIGENCE BRIEFINGS IN THIS ISSUE about lab industry efforts to convince Congress, the administration, and the new leaders of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to delay implementation of the PAMA final rule on market price reporting, keep in mind that—for the nation’s two largest public lab companies—there is plenty

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