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January 14, 2019 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News

Intelligence Late & Latent News

Up to 10,000 patients will get free genetic testing at Northwell Health, the nation’s largest urban health network. In a deal announced on Jan. 9, Northwell Health and Color, a genetic testing company, will collaborate on a program to offer genetic tests to Northwell patients as part of routine primary care. This expands an earlier pilot

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Legal Update In PAMA Appeal, ACLA Says Federal District Court Erred

LAST MONTH the American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA) filed an appeal in its case against the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In its court filing, the ACLA said that a federal district court judge erred in her ruling against the lab association.

The district court misinterpreted the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of

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Managed Care Update UnitedHealthcare Forming Network of Preferred Labs

Nationwide start date set for July 1 but few details are available for interested labs

NEW CLINICAL LABORATORY CONTRACTING INITIATIVES are planned at UnitedHealthcare (UHC), including the launch of a preferred laboratory network this summer.

The nation’s largest health insurer with 49 million beneficiaries, UHC announced in May that it would add Quest Diagnostics as an in-network lab provider effective Jan. 1, and retain Laboratory Corporation of America as a network

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ProMedica Lab Succeeds with Metrics, Daily Huddles

Use of key performance indicators supports test utilization projects, continuous improvement

CEO SUMMARY: In Toledo, Ohio, ProMedica Laboratories uses extensive metrics to analyze almost all processes in the lab. Under a process improvement program in place for more than five years, the lab has implemented daily management to help streamline day-to-day operations. Concurrently, a newly-formed cross-functional test utilization team adopted recommendations from the Choosing Wisely campaign

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CEO Offers Lab Strategies for a Post-PAMA World

It’s not just PAMA price cuts to Medicare fees, but narrow networks, pre-authorization, and more

CEO SUMMARY: With so many market forces working against the economic interests of clinical laboratories, it is essential that all labs develop appropriate strategies designed to sustain the quality of laboratory testing services and the financial integrity of the laboratory organization. In this intelligence briefing, XIFIN, Inc.’s CEO, Lâle White, explains five strategies that are

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Why PAMA May Be Poised to Disrupt Lab Industry

Federal law is about to have pernicious effects, including eroding the financial stability of many labs

CEO SUMMARY: This will be one of the most challenging years facing the clinical lab industry since the early 1990s, when closed panel HMOs were the disruptive force that generated deep cuts in lab test prices. However, unlike HMOs of that era, the CMS scheme to collect private payer lab test prices and use that

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Do Community Labs Have a Future in the U.S.?

It may be timely to ask a provocative question that touches everyone in the profession of laboratory medicine. Is there a future for community laboratories and hospital lab outreach programs in the United States, given the different forces acting upon the clinical laboratory industry today?

In this issue, our editorial team describes the multiple disruptive consequences

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