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Innovation Showcased at Executive War College

Innovative technologies and powerful trends to reshape how labs operate and deliver value

CEO SUMMARY: This year’s Executive War College on Laboratory and Pathology Management proved to be a high-energy event. A record 900 attendees showed up and responded enthusiastically to visions and predictions of a post-COVID-19 healthcare system that hungers for large volumes of...

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Intermountain Health Merges with SCL Health

This expanded health system now operates 33 hospitals and 385 clinics in seven western states

CEO SUMMARY: Mergers and acquisitions involving large integrated delivery networks (IDNs) are not only reshaping the nation’s hospital industry. These transactions also transform the way hospitals organize their clinical laboratories. Last month’s merger of Intermountain Health ...

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Labs Can Expect COVID-19 Test Audits, Investigations

Federal agencies will seek to verify that federal funds went to legitimate testing efforts

  CEO SUMMARY: Billions of federal ...

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Lab Market Update California Cancels COVID-19 Test Contract with PerkinElmer

Cancellation letter from state officials provided no details about the Valencia Branch Lab’s future

CALIFORNIA HAS SHED MORE LIGHT ON THE DECISION to terminate PerkinElmer’s valuable contract to run the Valencia Branch Laboratory (VBL). The lab has been embroiled in controversy for much of its existence.  The state noted that SARS-CoV-2...

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IVD Update IVD Firms Grow During 2022, but COVID-19 Revenue Dropped

Point-of-care testing services appear to be a bright spot for in vitro diagnostics

MOST MAJOR IN VITRO DIAGNOSTICS (IVD) MANUFACTURERS started strong in 2022 as their base businesses regained steam and made up for the significant falloff in COVID-19 diagnostic test revenue.  During first quarter 2022 earnings calls with invest...

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Data Innovation Plays a Key Role on Future Fronts

BETTER COLLECTION AND USE OF CLINICAL DATA WAS A PROMINENT THEME discussed by attendees at last month’s annual Executive War College Conference on Laboratory and Pathology Management in New Orleans.  Laboratory directors and pathologists have long known that such data can be considered a holy grail in healthcare. Howev...

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