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Six Important Themes to Help Labs Succeed

Upcoming Executive War College to address healthcare’s changes and opportunities for labs

CEO SUMMARY: Clinical laboratories face business challenges with day-to-day operations, genetic testing, and evolving care delivery models. The 2023 Executive War College on Diagnostics, Clinical Laboratory, and Pathology Management returns on April 25-26 in New Orleans. Participant...

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Best Practices for Labs to Secure MT Program Funds

University of Utah and ARUP Labs share why they were successful securing $3M in federal funds

CEO SUMMARY: In securing federal funds for a new MT training center, ARUP Labs and the University of Utah took steps that clinical labs can follow for their own project financing. Among the key lessons is the need to showcase the work a lab does within a community to politicians and...

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Laboratories Can Find Value in Use of Leftover Samples

Ovation Research Network offers option for labs to submit remnant samples and possibly earn fees

CEO SUMMARY: After testing on behalf of patients, there are often leftover samples. One company developed a platform to enable life science customers to access the samples and associated diagnostic data for research purposes. For clinical labs, the leftover samples provide an opport...

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How Histology Can Better Communicate with Physicians

Ordering physicians, pathologists need educating about their roles in the lab specimen lifecycle

CEO SUMMARY: When ordering physicians or pathologists take issue with histology processes, it’s a sign that change is needed somewhere along the line. At American Oncology Network, the resulting communication often centers on bringing greater clarity to the doctors as to how sampl...

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Enzo Biochem’s Lab Business Sold to Labcorp for $146M

COMMERCIAL LABORATORY CONSOLIDATION CONTINUES, this time with news earlier this month that New York City-based Enzo Biochem agreed to sell its clinical laboratory business to Labcorp.  The deal points to the problem many clinical laboratori...

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Come One, Come All to the Executive War College

THIS IS FOR ALL OF YOU LONG-TIME READERS WHO EVERY SPRING SEE NEWS about the Executive War College on Diagnostics, Laboratory, and Pathology Management, tell yourself that you need to attend, but then you put off registering....

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