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CAP Loses Accreditation Clients to Joint Commission

Several large health systems are moving their clinical laboratories’ CLIA accreditation services

CEO SUMMARY: Over the past 18 months, several prominent national health systems decided to shift their CLIA laboratory accreditation services away from the College of American Pathologists and to The Joint Commission. These shifts from one accrediting body to another will involve hu...

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Why Are Health Systems Changing CLIA Accreditors?

Health systems representing 372 hospital labs are changing their CLIA lab accreditation provider

CEO SUMMARY: It is uncommon for a major health system to switch its CLIA lab accreditation business from one accrediting body to another. Yet, just in the past 18 months, that decision was made by the Veterans Administration, Ascension Health, and Providence Health. This is an impor...

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CLIA Update Understanding Differences Between 2 CLIA Accreditors

Use of peer assessors vs. professional assessors is a factor when selecting CLIA accrediting bodies

MAJOR CHANGES ARE HAPPENING IN THE COMPETITIVE MARKET for CLIA accreditation of hospital laboratories. Some health systems representing hundreds of hospitals have shifted from using the College of American Pathologists (CAP) to using The Joint Commission (TJC) to meet the accreditation ...

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Two-Drop ‘Digital CBC’ Enters U.S. Market with FDA Clearance

Newsmaker Interview

“We believe the ability to work with just two drops of blood, plus the...

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Digital Pathology Launched in the ‘Era of COVID-19’

Memphis lab company makes the business case for scanning slides to cut costs, boost productivity

CEO SUMMARY: Is it smart to initiate digital pathology (DP) systems and whole-slide imaging just as a novel coronavirus upends healthcare and society at large? That was the question asked at Poplar Healthcare, a pathology lab in Memphis. Senior management proceeded with the implemen...

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2021 Opens with a Major Story ... and It’s Not COVID!

On the pages that follow, you will learn about a major story in the clinical laboratory industry that has gone unreported and publicly unremarked by the lab profe...

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