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Labs Should Prepare for Arrival of ‘Perfect Storm’

Three significant dynamics are poised to reshape how labs comply with FDA and CLIA, and get claims paid

CEO SUMMARY: In the near future, clinical labs and pathology groups will need to address three major developments. One involves the FDA proposed LDT rule. A second is the adoption by payers of guidelines that require genetic test claims to have Z-Codes. The third centers around coming ref...

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HHS Publishes Final Rule for Health IT Interoperability

New rule is designed to make interfaces faster and cheaper, while penalizing information-blocking

THERE IS A NEW FEDERAL RULE intended to improve interoperability and portability of patient information. This rule could be a significant benefit for clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups. In December, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Offi...

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Genetic Testing Firm Invitae Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Pursues Sale

Invitae may be the first of several struggling genetic testing firms to file for bankrupcty protection

INVITAE CORP., A MEDICAL GENETICS COMPANY, got the go ahead in mid-February from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey “to find a buyer and exit from Chapter 11 by late July,” Reuters reported. Invitae said in a news release that it...

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Is There Evidence That Some Doctors Wish to Use Local Labs?


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CMS Issues AI Guidance for Medicare Advantage

Experts say it is the role of Congress to decide on how artificial intelligence is to be regulated

CEO SUMMARY: With its guidance on how Medicare Advantage plans should use artificial intelligence (AI) when making treatment decisions involving individual patients, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has opened one door in the coming debate on how the federal governme...

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Lab News Briefs

New York Times Reviews DNA Testing Kits for Its Readers It’s a sign of the times when The New York Times considers it useful to conduct and publish a review of DNA ancestry testing kits to guide readers. AncestryDNA of Lehi, Utah, was picked as “the most eff...

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More Labs Recognize Big Changes Are Coming

ONE WAY TO DISCERN THE NEAR FUTURE FOR THE CLINICAL LABORATORY INDUSTRY is to recognize what is different today, compared to the re...

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