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Predicting Future Demand for COVID-19 Testing

Clinical labs have an important question to answer: What volume of SARS-CoV-2 tests will be needed?

CEO SUMMARY: After 15 months of the pandemic, the nation’s clinical laboratories are at an interesting crossroads. Is the COVID-19 outbreak diminishing and close to disappearing? Or might it intensify again, particularly when the traditional influenza season arrives next fall? The...

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Ransomware Attackers Target Health Providers

Currently, Scripps Health is in the news as it battles a ransomware attack that struck on May 1

CEO SUMMARY: Both malware and ransomware have been around for a number of years. But the attacks launched today against healthcare providers are more sophisticated and better at achieving the total shutdown of targeted hospitals, doctor groups, and clinical laboratories. For this re...

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$400,000 Settlement in VA Wrongful-Death Case

Citing malpractice, daughters of deceased veteran sued a former VA pathologist, the VA, and the USA

CEO SUMMARY: Did “the system” fail patients and physicians at one Veterans Health Administration center? The public disciplinary records of pathologist Robert Morris Levy over several decades show that any laboratory employing Levy had reason to monitor closely the accuracy of h...

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Lab Briefs

University of Miami Settles Lab Qui Tam Lawsuit for $22 Million EARLIER THIS MONTH, THE FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (DOJ) announced a settlement with the University of Miami that resolves allegations that the university ordered medicall...

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LIS Update Pandemic Complicates Sales for Lab Info System Companies

The COVID-19 outbreak last March made it challenging to win new customers

HEALTHCARE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) COMPANIES serving clinical laboratories and providers with laboratory information systems (LISs) and electronic health records (EHRs) shared recent financial reports on their businesses.  It is challenging to obtai...

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Goodbye Pandemic! Hello Ransomware!

Being first to predict an important trend’s arrival or departure can bring accolades for perceptive foresight or rebukes for getting it wrong. This issue of The Dark Report puts us on the record for making early predictions on two trends, each with the potential to financially make or break your clinical laboratory or pathology group....

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