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Health Insurers Spending Billions to Diversify

Strategist explains how major health insurers are investing to support different visions of the future

CEO SUMMARY: One big development affecting the health insurance business is how four of the nation’s largest health insurers are diversifying in significant ways. Last spring, a healthcare strategist explained how each of these companies has spent billions of dollars in recent years to acquire other healthcare companies that are not part of the traditional

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Legal/Regulatory/Compliance UTC Labs to Pay $41.6 Million in a Civil Settlement With DOJ

ONE MORE LAB COMPANY has settled allegations of fraud and abuse. Last month, UTC Laboratories agreed to pay a fine of $41.6 million and will be excluded from all federal healthcare programs for 25 years.

Announced Oct. 9, the settlement resolves allegations that UTC violated the False Claims Act by paying kickbacks in exchange for laboratory

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How Labs Can Add Value for Providers, Insurers, Pharma

Using Lab Data to Generate New Sources of Revenue

CEO SUMMARY: For pathologists and clinical, molecular, and genetic testing labs, appropriate reuses of lab data can provide a new source of revenue. Labs that serve as preferred providers of diagnostic testing data can help health systems, ordering physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and other organizations when they reuse lab test data to support evidence-based care and

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Labs Need to Act on New Medicare Enrollment Rules

Attorneys provide guidance on several steps lab directors and pathologists should take now

CEO SUMMARY: For all healthcare providers—including clinical laboratories and pathology groups—a new rule became effective this month. The rule allows Medicare to revoke or deny enrollment if a provider or supplier’s affiliates pose an undue risk of fraud. Lawyers familiar with the “Program Integrity Enhancements to the Provider Enrollment Process” rule are concerned about its

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Medicare Affiliation Rule Targets Criminal Behavior

Rule also places significant compliance burden on all providers, including labs, pathology groups

CEO SUMMARY: Under a new federal rule in effect this month, all healthcare providers—including clinical laboratories and pathology groups—will need to scour the records of all officers, directors, and affiliates to identify any that have had negative dealings with CMS or other federal enforcement agencies. Under the rule, the Medicare program is likely to target

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Is New Medicare Affiliation Rule Good, Bad, or Ugly?

THERE IS AN OFT-REPEATED ADAGE THAT what the government gives you with one hand, it takes away with the other. This may be an apt description of the new Medicare final rule that takes effect today, called the Program Integrity Enhancements to the Provider Enrollment Process (CMS-6058-FC).

The goal of the new rule is to give

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