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September 10, 2018 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News

Intelligence Late & Latent News

News that a laboratory’s courier truck was high-jacked in broad daylight with patient specimens aboard puts the spotlight on whether the security practices labs use to protect drivers, vehicles, and the patient specimens they may be carrying are adequate. On Aug. 3 in Durham, N.C., a driver of a courier vehicle owned by Laboratory Corporation of

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Under Audit, Labs Need Statistics on Their Side

More payers are using statistical sampling and extrapolation to extract payments from labs

CEO SUMMARY: When commercial and government payers use auditors to review a lab’s claims, they often use statistical sampling and extrapolation to limit the time needed to review claims. But proper sampling and extrapolation require following the rigorous scientific methods to produce a representative sample of claims to draw conclusions they can apply to the

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Michigan’s Ascension to Standardize Labs Throughout the State

Goals are common test methods, menus, practices

CEO SUMMARY: Two trends are driving a movement to standardize laboratory operations across large regions: the integration of clinical care and the need for hospitals and health networks to improve patient outcomes continuously. In Michigan, Ascension Health is an example of a lab team working to standardize lab testing activities among seven organizations, 14 hospitals,

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Hospital Market Update Morgan Stanley Report Shows 8% of Hospitals at Risk of Closure

AMONG THE ROUGHLY 6,500 HOSPITALS OPERATING in the United States, only about 125 (2.5%) have closed in the past five years. But in the coming years, some 450 hospitals are at risk of closing. Analysts at Morgan Stanley said 600 other hospitals have weak finances that could lead them to close.

In the report, Morgan Stanley,

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Biggest Lab Firms Diverge on Hospital Lab Strategies

Public lab companies want new agreements to acquire or manage labs owned by hospitals

CEO SUMMARY: Almost half of the nation’s hospitals and health systems are rethinking how to use their clinical labs to support clinical and financial strategies. Options range from outright sale of their lab outreach businesses to lab management agreements or joint ventures with one of the nation’s three billion-dollar public lab companies. Each of the

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Theranos Will Dissolve, Seeks to Settle Claims

Discredited lab company wants to dissolve as better solution than filing a bankruptcy action

CEO SUMMARY: It appears that the final chapter in what many call Silicon Valley’s biggest investor fraud will conclude this week. Theranos, Inc., the once high-flying lab testing company, is to be dissolved and its remaining cash and intellectual property will be distributed, according to CEO and General Counsel David Taylor. Meanwhile, Theranos founder Elizabeth

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Will Hospital Labs Anchor Integrated Care?

STEP BY STEP, HEALTHCARE IN THE UNITED STATES is moving toward a system in which clinical care is fully integrated and providers are reimbursed for the value they provide. This trend presents clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups with a challenge and an opportunity.

The challenge comes because being a value-added contributor requires labs to adopt

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