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NJ Lab Sues UnitedHealth Over Unpaid Test Claims

Pathology lab company claims UHC failed to pay 46,400 COVID-19 test claims filed since March 2020

CEO SUMMARY: New case law in how health insurers should reimburse for COVID-19 lab test claims might be one outcome if a New Jersey lab company were to prevail in a federal lawsuit it filed against UnitedHealthcare alleging non-payment of COVID-19 test claims. An interesting fact me...

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Labcorp Now Using AI for Operations, Patient Care

Artificial intelligence, machine learning support improvements to lab workflow and customer service

CEO SUMMARY: In recent years, Labcorp invested significant sums to use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies—often integrated with robotic systems—to improve work processes and gain real-time insights from vast amounts of data. In this exclusive interview, La...

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Market Update XIFIN to Open New Office in South Carolina for Lab Billing

Lab revenue cycle company says overall volume of clinical lab tests is 130% of pre-pandemic levels

SINCE FEBRUARY, THE TOTAL NUMBER OF PEOPLE VACCINATED grew steadily even as the number of tests for COVID-19 declined sharply in the United States. But overall test volume has remained steady at 130% of pre-pandemic levels, said Brian Kemp, Vice President of Revenue Cycle Operations for XIFIN,...

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Amazon Now Interested in Home Testing Services

In a stepwise fashion, the internet retailing giant assembles the pieces to be major source of lab tests

CEO SUMMARY: In the past year, internet retailing giant Amazon has built sizeable clinical laboratories in the United States and the United Kingdom. Now it has regulatory clearance to sell a molecular COVID-19 test to consumers for home collection. Comments made in the past month by...

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CMS Shuts Missouri Lab Due to ‘Immediate Jeopardy’

Lab company served 2,500 nursing homes in 11 states, but CMS ordered it to cease testing

CEO SUMMARY: CMS ordered Gamma Healthcare to close its two labs, revoked the owners’ CLIA licenses, prohibited them from operating a lab for two years, and ordered payment of more than $55,000 in civil penalties. The two lab facilities had been running COVID-19 and other tests for...

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Managed Care Update Benefits Investigation Is Growing Issue for Genetic Testing Labs

Patients with high-deductible health plans want to investigate cost of test before proceding

QUIETLY AND WITH LITTLE NEWS COVERAGE, a new complication is challenging clinical laboratories that offer genetic testing. It involves a steady growth in the number of patients who do a “benefits investigation” before allowing their physician to order a genetic test....

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Interesting New Surprises for Lab Leaders

Unexpected and surprising things continue to happen in the clinical laboratory industry. You might consider that to be one unifying theme to the intelligence briefings we present in this issue of The Dark Report.  For example, a pathology lab company in New Jersey sued UnitedHealthcare (UHC) see...

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