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July 9, 2018 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News

Intelligence Late & Latent News

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center of Wake Forest, N.C., has been notified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), in a letter dated June 15, that it is back in compliance with Medicare Conditions of Participation. Earlier this year, following inspection of the hospital and its anatomic pathology department, federal and state officials identified

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Pap Test Errors in Ireland Attributed to Quest, CPL

Cervical cancer screening tests for Irish women were sent to Quest Diagnostics and CPL in U.S.

CEO SUMMARY: In Ireland, the big story in healthcare at the moment is the discovery that the nation’s cervical cancer screening program has failed hundreds of women who had pre-cancerous conditions or cervical cancer, but, as alleged in numerous court cases, their tests were inaccurate or the results not communicated to their physicians, or both.

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Dartmouth-Hitchcock Builds Strong Lab Outreach Business

More lab volume from physicians’ offices contributes to patient care

CEO SUMMARY: As health networks and hospitals consider outsourcing their lab outreach programs, the lab team at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (D-H) offers lessons about the value of retaining outreach. D-H is now in the eighth year of a sustained expansion of its laboratory outreach business. It has combined its lab outreach strategy with a proven

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Lab Compliance Update Attorney Explains 70/30 Rule, Pass-Through Bill Arrangements

Lab outreach billing strategies used by some rural hospitals need to meet compliance laws

HOW THE LAB OUTREACH BUSINESSES of rural hospitals originate lab specimens and bill for lab tests is getting increased scrutiny. The reason for this rise in interest is that a growing number of rural hospitals are generating almost as much revenue from laboratory outreach testing as they get from all other inpatient services.

Most rural hospitals

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Rural Hospital Group Says Lab Billing Model Is Legal

70/30 rule exemption governs billing, says President of National Alliance of Regional Hospitals

CEO SUMMARY: In recent years, many rural hospitals have entered into agreements to expand their laboratory outreach businesses. In an interview, the president of the National Association of Rural Hospitals said rural hospitals often bill for lab outreach services under Medicare’s 70/30 shell rule. This rule, as modified by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of

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More Primary Care Docs Will Offer Genetic Tests

Two prominent health networks see benefits in offering precision medicine, genetic testing

CEO SUMMARY: This summer, both Geisinger Health and Sanford Health will introduce genetic tests designed specifically for use by primary care physicians in their daily practice. This is a significant milestone on the road to wider deployment of precision medicine services. In the case of Sanford Health, it plans to offer patients a $49 genetic

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Coming Soon to a Doctor’s Office Near You!

IT’S TIME FOR ALL CLINICAL LABS AND ANATOMIC PATHOLOGY GROUPS to pay closer attention to the advances in genetic medicine and precision medicine. Events are moving even faster than most experts have predicted.

As you will read on pages 3-4, two innovative health networks are on the verge of offering sophisticated genetic tests to patients visiting

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