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Joint Commission Will Not Accept COLA Accreditation

COLA says it is ‘surprised and disappointed’ by the decision, which has a two-year phaseout

CEO SUMMARY: This may be a first in the 40-year history of CLIA accreditation of clinical laboratories. The Joint Commission (TJC) announced it will no longer recognize COLA’s laboratory accreditation program within “TJC-accredited facilities,” effective Jan 1, 2023. COLA-accredited labs ...

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What’s Behind Joint Commission Move to Not Accept COLA Labs?

DURING THE NEXT TWO YEARS, a substantial number of hospitals and healthcare facilities will need to respond to The Joint Commission’s (TJC) decision to no longer recognize CLIA accreditations issued by COLA in “TJC-accredited facilities.” In the 30-year history of the current C...

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Labcorp Selects Oracle Cerner to Streamline Lab Workflows

New arrangement may give Cerner access to significant lab data at dozens of hospitals

THERE IS A UNIQUE CORPORATE COLLABORATION unfolding that involves Labcorp and Oracle Cerner. Announced in November, Labcorp will use Oracle Cerner’s lab information systems to update clinical laboratory workflow processes and support the sharing of patient data across healthcare organ...

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National Lab Says It Will Help with Supply Chain Services

RECOGNIZING THAT SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES are troublesome to some of its clinical laboratory customers, one national lab company has announced it would like to help solve those issues.  In September, Quest Diagnostics issued a press release describing ...

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New CPT Codes Debut for Digital Pathology Services

Though not yet reimbursable, the new codes mark a major step forward for digital pathology adoption

CEO SUMMARY: New digital pathology CPT codes took effect Jan. 1. Because the new codes are designated as Category III, they are not subject to Medicare and private payer reimbursement yet. Instead, federal health officials will monitor the use of the new codes in 2023 to determine h...

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Use Histology Laboratory Data to Illustrate Specimen ‘Life Cycle’

One approach to improving staff productivity is to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in specimen flow

BECAUSE OF THE CHALLENGING LABOR MARKET, pathology labs need ways to boost staff productivity. To help identify workflow bottlenecks, one approach is to examine lab data and encourage bench teams to think holistically about specimen movement in the lab. [action] ) { gform.hooks[hookType][action] = []; } var hooks = gform.hooks[hookType][action]; if ( undefined == tag ) { tag = action + '_' + hooks.length; } if( priority == undefined ){ priority = 10; } gform.hooks[hookType][action].push( { tag:tag, callable:callable, priority:priority } ); }, doHook: function( hookType, action, args ) { // splice args from object into array and remove first index which is the hook name args =, 1); if ( undefined != gform.hooks[hookType][action] ) { var hooks = gform.hooks[hookType][action], hook; //sort by priority hooks.sort(function(a,b){return a["priority"]-b["priority"]}); hooks.forEach( function( hookItem ) { hook = hookItem.callable; if(typeof hook != 'function') hook = window[hook]; if ( 'action' == hookType ) { hook.apply(null, args); } else { args[0] = hook.apply(null, args); } } ); } if ( 'filter'==hookType ) { return args[0]; } }, removeHook: function( hookType, action, priority, tag ) { if ( undefined != gform.hooks[hookType][action] ) { var hooks = gform.hooks[hookType][action]; hooks = hooks.filter( function(hook, index, arr) { var removeHook = (undefined==tag||tag==hook.tag) && (undefined==priority||priority==hook.priority); return !removeHook; } ); gform.hooks[hookType][action] = hooks; } } }; }

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