Issue: Volume IV No. 5 - March 31, 1997

Another Portent Of Change

How many laboratory executives and pathologists consider themselves futurists? Probably not many, because healthcare’s traditional fee-for-service arrangements provided little financial incentive to alter the status quo. Yet I would argue that the radical restructuring of healthcare currently underway demands that laboratory executives acquire the talent for anticipating the future. In 1992, how many laboratory executives …

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Florida Medicare Carrier Raises Kickback Issues

CEO SUMMARY: When Florida’s Medicare carrier published a notice which defined certain pathology practices to be possible violations of anti-kickback laws, it created uncertainty for labs. DIANON took immediate steps to insure compliance while seeking clarification from regulators on this issue. Developments in Florida signal that regulators may be preparing to target laboratories for more …

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Meditech & LabSoft Top 1996 LIS Sales Rankings

CEO SUMMARY: Turnover and turmoil are the big news in the LIS field. Hospitals and commercial laboratories are upgrading or replacing their existing LIS software at a rapid pace. Meanwhile, mergers and consolidations within the LIS industry create new power players. LIS conversion projects continue to be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Market leaders Meditech and …

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New Features Slated For Lab Information Systems

CEO SUMMARY: Two processes are transforming healthcare: managed care and quality management. Laboratory information systems must incorporate radically new features if they are to support changes to clinical laboratory operations. This makes it imperative that laboratory executives select an effective laboratory information system. PARALLEL DEVELOPMENTS in the healthcare marketplace are shaping the design and function …

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Questions, Answers & Viewpoints

Dear Editor: The story in your February 17 issue about laboratory automation as viewed by an industrial engineer was fascinating. He did a great job of helping me understand how to look at clinical laboratory automation. However, you say nothing about the centralized/decentralized issue. Isn’t automation predicated on the concept of a centralized laboratory with …

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“March 31, 1997 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

After THE DARK REPORT’S Executive War College on Medical Laboratory Networking in New Orleans on May 20-21, two other interesting laboratory meetings are scheduled. First up is the 15th annual symposium presented by the University of Michigan’s Department of Pathology. Scheduled for May 28-30 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, it is titled “Automated Information Management In …

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