Issue: Volume IV No. 17 - December 8, 1997

Consolidation Within the Auto Industry

As our system of healthcare evolves in this country, I am continually amazed at how many market dynamics we share with other industries. Take the issue of too many hospital beds and too much laboratory capacity. With inpatient utilization declining, with laboratory reimbursement shrinking, both hospitals and laboratories are forced to: (1) find more patients; …

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“State of Lab Industry” Reveals Radical Change

CEO SUMMARY: Pick your trend: declining reimbursement, consolidation, clinical integration, downsizing, and capitated reimbursement. These trends all continued to shape the way laboratories organized to provide services. But 1997’s wildcard was the federal government. Between investigations and new regulations, laboratories were hit hard. FOR THE clinical laboratory industry, 1997’s biggest surprise was both unexpected and …

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Quest Announces Major Restructuring for 1998

CEO SUMMARY: Recognizing the reality of laboratory over-capacity in the marketplace, Quest Diagnostics Incorporated intends to align its laboratory capacity with existing specimen volumes. In so doing, it’s taking a progressive step and moving more aggressively than its two national competitors to resolve an issue which impacts the entire industry. WHEN IT WAS ANNOUNCED last …

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Physician Solutions Gets Venture Capital Funding

CEO SUMMARY: Physician Solutions becomes the second pathology-based physician practice management company to receive venture capital funding. The company is poised to acquire a number of pathology practices in cities throughout the United States. It is another sign that traditional pathology business models are about to undergo fundamental change. FRESH ON THE HEELS of an …

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UroCor, Inc.; Histology & AP.

UROCOR, INC. MATCHES THERAPEUTICS WITH DIAGNOSTICS With the recent signing of a co-promotion agreement with Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, UroCor, Inc. is positioned to offer therapeutics as a complement to its diagnostic testing. Based in Oklahoma City, UroCor is a fast-growing company which offers diagnostic testing and disease management services to urologists throughout the United States. Profiled …

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“December 8, 1997 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Fast-growing specialty test provider SpectraCell Laboratories, Inc. of Houston, Texas announced the acquisition of Southwest Hemostasis and Oncology Consultants, Inc. (SHOC) of Dallas, Texas. SpectraCell offers assays that perform functional intracellular analyses of vit- amins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. ADD TO:…SPECTRACELL SpectraCell’s recent introduction of a homocysteine test and a Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Panel …

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