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Medicare Data Makes Pathology Prices Public

CEO SUMMARY: Each year since 2015, Medicare officials have posted the prices charged by every physician. That now makes it possible for pathology group practices to conduct a price study of their region and state to learn how their group’s prices compare with other pathology providers. …

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Quality Assurance Regs to Tighten for UK Labs

CEO SUMMARY: In the United Kingdom, a window of opportunity has opened for improving the quality assurance activities of pathology and histopathology laboratories. Last week, at the Frontiers in Laboratory Medicine conference, the newly-published “Pathology Quality Assurance Review” w…

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2013’s Top Ten Lab Stories Point to Tougher Times

CEO SUMMARY: For 2013, the big story was money—or, more accurately, less money for providers. This was not limited to clinical labs and pathology groups, but was equally true of hospitals and physicians. In THE DARK REPORT’S annual lookback at the year’s 10…

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Urologists Weigh in on Prostate Biopsy Testing

CEO SUMMARY: Based on an impressive number of 4,230,129 vials collected from 437,937 biopsies, the new study is expected to add fuel to the fire of the ongoing debate about the appropriate number of prostate biopsies physicians should collect and refer to pathology labs for cancer testing…

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In South Carolina, TC/PC May Be “Misconduct”

CEO SUMMARY: Last month, the South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners advised all physicians in the state that certain arrangements for technical component/professional component (TC/PC) services between referring physicians and pathologists may be in violation of state law. The…

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EMR Donations, Client Bill Issues in Anatomic Path

CEO SUMMARY: In today’s market for anatomic pathology services, local pathology practices are facing tough competition from national pathology companies that are quite aggressive at using EHR donations and discounted client bill arrangements to win new clients. Attorney Jane Pi…

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Expanding Lab Market Share in a Recession

IT IS UNCHARTED TERRITORY FOR CLINICAL LABS AND PATHOLOGY GROUPS. A recession now officially exists in the United States. The last time this nation experienced an extended and painful economic recession was between July 1981 and November 1982, according to That means it has b…

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Powerful Trends Reshaping Anatomic Path Profession

CEO SUMMARY: THE DARK REPORT presents its newest biannual review of macro trends reshaping the anatomic pathology profession. These macro trends reveal a profession undergoing change and transformation on multiple fronts. New competitors are crowding into the market, payers and accreditin…

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Labs Taught Physicians How to Do TC/PC Deals

CEO SUMMARY: As many pathology groups discover that their best urology and gastroenterology clients are taking serious steps to do their own anatomic pathology, they ask a basic question: How did their best-referring…

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Finding Opportunities Within the TC/PC Trend

CEO SUMMARY: It is common for a pathology group to simply say “No, we won’t help” when it is asked by a specialist physician group for help in establishing its own in-practice ancillary service in anatomic pathology. After all, the pathologists are losing a big chunk of their revenu…

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