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Many Trends in AP Spell Lots of Change Ahead

CEO SUMMARY: Every second year, THE DARK REPORT releases its list of key trends in anatomic pathology. These trends help shape an understanding about the state of the pathology profession. Our current list includes 11 identifiable trends. This is not an auspicious sign for pathologists wh…

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Picking Top Ten Stories Of 2005 for Lab Industry


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Business Buzz Saw Hits Anatomic Path Firms

CEO SUMMARY: In recent years, both companies have enjoyed sustained and rapid growth in offering anatomic pathology (AP) services nationally. The departure of CFOs from both companies, each for different reasons, is a sign that such unbridled growth has created unique problems for each AP…

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Analysis of Lab Testing Market Reveals Competitive Shifts

CEO SUMMARY: Even as public lab and anatomic pathology companies enjoy sustained growth in specimen volumes and revenues, fundamental shifts in the basic marketplace have changed the competitive environment. Surprisingly, the most open market segment is anatomic pathology specimens referr…

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“Local” Anatomic Path Has Two Major Players

CEO SUMMARY: After a lot of money and much effort, the fledgling crop of companies wanting to consolidate and manage pathology group practices has narrowed into just two market leaders: AmeriPath and Pathology Service Associates. These two companies could not be more different in their go…

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Merger Creates “New” Pathology Competitor

CEO SUMMARY: Pathology business consolidation and regionalization continues. Pathology Consultants of America, Inc. (PCA) and PathSOURCE, Inc. announced their intention to merge last month. The combined company will be called Inform DX, Inc. and will compete nationally for anatomic pathol…

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AmeriPath Pursues Ambitious Strategy Of Rapid Expansion

CEO SUMMARY: As the pathology profession’s only publicly-traded physician practice management company, AmeriPath is the spear point of far-reaching changes now transforming pathology. With an annual revenue run rate of $270 million and an ample war chest of growth capital, AmeriPath int…

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Single-Specialty Path PPMs Posting Strong Growth, Profits

CEO SUMMARY: Although the financial travails of the physician practice management (PPM) industry are widely known, there is little recognition that a number of single-specialty PPMs are doing well. This is true of pathology, where at least six pathology-based PPMs still remain in business…

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Pathology Profession Facing New Directions

CEO SUMMARY: Big changes ahead during the next decade. Among the predictions: the number of two and three-pathologist group practices will radically diminish; pathology centers of excellence will achieve new market dominance; and…ever more intense competition for anatomic pathology spec…

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DIANON Systems Nails Contract To Provide AP Services To Aetna

Sand sales efforts paid off for DIANON Systems, Inc. of Stratford, Connecticut. Last month the publicly-traded lab disclosed a new contract with Aetna/U.S. Healthcare. The pact, signed with Aetna and SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories (SBCL), …

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