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As the founder of an independent pathology group in Florida, I’ve watched dozens of physicians join ACOs in the past few years. Like a lot of labs and pathology groups, my company hasn’t been able to gain a foothold in the ACO movement. We just aren’t on ACOs’ radar, and we don’t know how to get their attention and interest.

I even had to let go of two employees. There just wasn’t enough work coming in to justify their salaries… I knew I had to find a way to get on board the ACO train.

And then just a couple of days later, I got the latest issue of The Dark Report in the mail. I opened it up and saw in the table of contents an article titled Early ACO Experience Has Lessons for Pathologists…

After reading this article … at least six times … I sat down with my team and developed an action list. Thanks to The Dark Report, I learned that comprehensive data reporting is paramount for ACOs, so we’re already following the advice of the pathologist quoted in the piece and ramping up our Physician Quality Reporting System to provide that data.

… plus, when we join that ACO, maybe we’ll even be able to enjoy some of the “found money” in savings I read about in that article!

I always appreciate the thousand-foot view and big-picture analysis I read in The Dark Report – it keeps me ahead of big changes in the healthcare market that could really do a number on my business and helps me find profitable business opportunities.

Dear Colleague,

If you have a stake in a clinical pathology laboratory, you know what I’m talking about: From ACOs to the ACA, from managed care to ongoing pressures to contain costs, every laboratory business is in peril.

That’s why so many of your peers and competitors read The Dark Report, the most trusted source for clinical pathology laboratory business intelligence, news and analysis available today.

Whatever keeps you awake at night – such as the ACO anxiety above that I heard about from one of my loyal subscribers – The Dark Report has the detailed information and the answers to help resolve your issues and keep every laboratory business profitable.

Get The Dark Report now to grow your clinical pathology laboratory business.

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Business-critical intelligence for every clinical laboratory and pathology group

Consider some of the issues we follow religiously – often with intelligence you can find only in The Dark Report.

  • FDA’s proposed guidance to regulate laboratory-developed tests: Will your LDTs be classified as high risk?
  • Market price reporting requirements created by the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) and the use of that data to establish prices for the Part B Clinical Laboratory Test Fee Schedule: How will coming test price cuts affect you?
  •  The ongoing financial crunch that’s prompting smaller labs to look for acquirers: Should you start looking for your own acquirer, or will you be able to survive on your own?
  • How the move toward bundled payments will impact laboratory revenues: Can independent clinical labs and pathology groups compete for their rightful share of these payments with bigger, more powerful organizations?
  • Opportunities for labs in the movement toward personalized medicine: Do you have innovative ideas for ways in which your lab can contribute to individualized care of patients?
  • Continued price-cutting by payers for lab tests: What options to labs and pathology groups have for replacing these revenues?

Issues like these impact your bottom line. But readers of The Dark Report are never surprised, never left out, and never behind their competitors.

And please understand: Your laboratory business competition is already reading The Dark Report. Can you afford not to?

Dedicated solely to the pathology group and clinical laboratory

At The Dark Report, our award-winning analysts and reporters have only one goal which we’ve pursued since 1995:

Our Mission: To keep our members on top of the often-hostile business and financial laboratory business world

We do this by

  • Investigating sensitive, dollar-driven hot spots in the clinical pathology laboratory industry
  • Uncovering valuable, usable intelligence
  • And doing it all long before it becomes common news, often months in advance of when non-members finally find out about it

What does that mean for the clinical pathology laboratory business stakeholder? You will …

  • Always understand the economic impact of new diagnostics and equipment, no matter how fast the clinical laboratory market changes
  • Always be prepared for the ongoing evolution in healthcare that puts financial pressure on your clinical laboratory or pathology group
  • Always be competitive in a cutthroat laboratory business marketplace
  • Always be proactive instead of reacting to legal and clinical surprises after it’s too late
  • Always be on top of clinical trends, employee retention strategies, medical practice management solutions or legislative challenges to your business

You don’t have to do all this alone. Reading The Dark Report is like having a business consultant working for you 24/7 – only without all of the cost.

The Dark Report: More than just a clinical pathology lab publication

The Dark Report is the flagship investigative publication of The Dark Intelligence Group, and is the premier source of news, analysis, and insight for anyone with a stake in a clinical laboratory or pathology group.

As a member of the Dark Intelligence Group, your benefits include:

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The Dark Report can do all this because we’ve spent 20 years developing our vast list of inside contacts around the clinical pathology laboratory industry – more boots on the ground and insider knowledge than any other business intelligence resource.

What does this mean for you? It means you don’t have to connect the dots of clinical lab news yourself. We use our expertise to do that for you, resulting in impeccable, actionable analysis you can take to the bank.

It means we talk to the whistleblowers, the insiders, the people who know what’s really going on in any situation, and tell you the truth on every issue. There is no need for you to guess, or practice mind-reading.

It means you get access to the drivers of change in our industry through us. We know what questions to ask, who to ask and what the answers mean to you. You may not know the phone number of the CEO from that major pathology organization that’s in the news, but we do. We are your eyes and ears on the clinical lab and pathology industry, every single day.

By the way: Because we’re so confident that The Dark Report will meet your highest expectations and deliver the most business-critical business intelligence, we offer an absolutely ironclad guarantee: If ever you wish to cancel your membership, you’ll receive a full refund of the cost of the remaining term of your membership, no questions asked.

If you’re a clinical laboratory or pathology group CEO, CFO, COO, pathologist, senior executive, vendor or investment professional, you simply can’t afford to do business without The Dark Report.

If you’re not reading it, you could be edged out in the continual narrowing of provider networks … miss the latest updates on PAMA’s real-word impact … find your clinical pathology laboratory left out of the ACO healthcare revolution and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracts that go to a competitor.

Please don’t let that happen to your pathology group or clinical lab, and all the employees who depend on you! Become a Charter Member right now and take advantage of our innovative subscription options, before another day without our unrivaled business intelligence goes by.

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Robert Michel
Robert Michel
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