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Phlebotomy Gets Heightened Attention For Patient Satisfaction

CEO SUMMARY: In the 1990s, many hospitals implemented decentralized phlebotomy arrangements as a way to save costs. Now, a decade later, centralized phlebotomy, managed by the laboratory, is making a comeback. Motivation for this unfolding trend is the need for hospitals to improve patient safety and increase patient satisfaction. Because most patients are uncomfortable with venipuncture,

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Key Trends Drive Change for Clinical Laboratories

CEO SUMMARY: Technology plays an ever-growing role in reshaping the organization and operation of clinical laboratories. New technologies figure prominently in THE DARK REPORT’S 2007 list of key trends in the clinical laboratory industry. Technological advances in instrument systems, informatics, and molecular diagnostics are giving laboratories new tools to improve clinical services and streamline lab

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There is Steady Convergence In Lab Operations Worldwide

IS THERE AN ACCELERATING CONVERGENCE OF LABORATORY OPERATIONS by major clinical laboratories throughout the world? In recent weeks, THE DARK REPORT has seen tantalizing evidence that the answer to this question should be “yes.”

This trend has strategic implications for independent commercial laboratories and hospital-based laboratories in the United States. It also has implications for in

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New Guidelines to Require Single-Patient Hospital Rooms

PATIENT SAFETY INITIATIVES are about to trigger another major change to the American healthcare system—a standard for single-room occupancy in hospitals.

On March 22, 2006, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) are preparing to issue new guidelines for hospital construction. Due out in

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First Lab Reports on Its Unannounced Inspection

CEOSUMMARY: Here is the lab industry’s first report from a laboratory which has under gone an unannounced inspection under the College of American Pathologist’s new accreditation program. Lab management at Kern Medical Center say the process went smoothly—but that effective preparation and a detailed contingency plan are “musts.” Once the inspection starts, conventional procedures are

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