Unique Solution to Control Reagents, Other Supplies

CEO SUMMARY: This San Francisco hospital laboratory hit a home run with its clever use of automated materials management units, originally used in pharmacies. Reagents, phlebotomy supplies, and other laboratory consumables are stored in an access-controlled environment. Benefits have been…

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JCAHO, NQF CEOs Speak to Lab’s Future Role

CEO SUMMARY: What an opportunity! On the same podium were the presidents of both the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and the National Quality Forum (NQF), specifically to speak about laboratory medicine’s role in the evolution of the nation’s heal…

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Bi-Annual Look at Trends Reshaping Clinical Labs

CEO SUMMARY: Among other things, we declare the end to the heyday of the independent commercial lab company which offers a broad test menu to all types of office-based physicians. In its place springs forth the specialty or niche testing laboratory. Small and focused on a specific number …

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Florida Medicaid Contract Is On-Again, Off-Again

CEO SUMMARY: Start with a flawed idea: Medicaid lab testing costs in Florida can be cut by awarding an exclusive statewide contract to one laboratory company. Compound that bad idea by designing a contract awards process that guarantees the state will pay twice for a number of tests while…

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Congress Holds Hearing On Hospital Lab Fiasco

CEO SUMMARY: Problems at the laboratory of Maryland General Hospital came under scrutiny at a recent Congressional hearing. There was plenty of criticism and embarrassment for several entities which should have detected the problems and reacted to the situation more effectively. Serious q…

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Growing Criticism Hits Maryland General Hospital Lab

CEO SUMMARY: “Like peeling back layers of rotten fruit, the deeper state and federal inspectors looked into the management of the hospital’s lab, the more problems they found.”–Editorial, Baltimore Sun, April 7, 2004. Public response to the inspection report of the Maryland Genera…

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2003’s Big Lab Stories Reflect Health Trends

CEO SUMMARY: At a minimum, 2003 proved to be a year of relative stability for the laboratory industry, as demonstrated by THE DARK REPORT’S “Ten Biggest Lab Stories of 2003.” The year was free of industry-wide crises and scan- dals. That allowed most laboratory administrators and pa…

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Gauging The Impact Of Lab Patient Safety

CEO SUMMARY: Within 18 months, the Laboratory Quality Institute plans to issue a national report on the quality of laboratory services. Not only will this bring a new level of public attention and scrutiny to clinical laboratory operations, but it will require everyone involved in deliver…

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Needless Mastectomy Draws National Attention

CEO SUMMARY: This widely-reported case of misdiagnosis at an Allina hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota is a powerful reminder to pathology practices and clinical laboratories that breakdowns in medical quality will draw increasing attention and scrutiny. Both the patient and the community ar…

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New Trends in 2003 Affect Clinical Lab Services

CEO SUMMARY: Here’s our current list of macro trends that affect clinical laboratories, updated from the last list in January 2000. One bold prediction is that Medicare, as we know it, is on the verge of a major meltdown. Employers and consumers are also new forces to be reckoned with b…

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