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Strategic Business Failures Of The Laboratory Industry During the 1990s

If analysis is to be accurate and objective, it must recognize and praise successful accomplishments while at the same time recognizing and criticizing failures. Human nature being what it is, however, criticism of failed business decisions is painful and bound to generate denials by the parties involved.

One key element of a White Paper review of

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Beckman Coulter’s Strategy Reflects Consolidation Trends

CEO SUMMARY: Rapid changes to the clinical laboratory industry had equally profound impact upon the major diagnostic companies. At Beckman Coulter, Inc., market forces triggered a decade of acquisitions and internal consolidation.The company looks very different today than it did ten years ago. Here’s a look at how Beckman Coulter views the near future for

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Bio-Reference Labs, CARESIDE, United Healthcare, MetLife, Foundation Health

ONE OF THE NATION’S MORE AGGRESSIVE efforts to refocus the clinical laboratory organization can be found at Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc., located in Elmwood Park, New Jersey.

Bio-Reference wants to use its basic lab testing relationship with physicians as the foundation for a business relationship that involves a host of other

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Diagnostics Companies React To Changing Lab Marketplace

CEO SUMMARY: During the last five years, extensive consolidation among in vitro diagnostics (IVD) manufacturers has created a new class of industry giants. Their increased dominance of the IVD marketplace promises significant change to how laboratories acquire and use reagents, test kits, and new IVD instruments. Here’s how and why the IVD industry transformed itself

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Successful Laboratories Share Winning Methods

CEO SUMMARY: Leading laboratory organizations from three countries will take the podium at the EXECUTIVE WAR COLLEGE in New Orleans on May 11-12, 1999. Their objective: to share up-to-date information on effective laboratory management strategies and methods used to deal with the challenges of managed care, declining reimbursement and healthcare consolidation.


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Chiron Is Biotech Firm, Respected For Innovation

CEO SUMMARY: Chiron is respected for its leadership in branched DNA and viral load technologies. The company had high expectations for its diagnostics group, particularly after its purchase of Ciba Corning. But rapid consolidation of the diagnostics industry changed Chiron’s opportunity to reach the first tier of diagnostic companies. Its experience demonstrates the far-reaching impact

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Bayer Acquires Chiron In Consolidation Move

CEO SUMMARY: As expected, consolidation within the diagnostics industry continues. This time it is Bayer, spending $1.1 billion to acquire Chiron’s diagnostics business. Once completed, Bayer will be the fourth-largest diagnostics company in the world. Laboratory customers of both firms will see many changes during the 18 months following the merger.


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