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Some Labs Performing ADLTs May See Increased Medicare Fees

MIXED IN THE BAD NEWS concerning the proposed Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule for 2018, there is some good news regarding what the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services proposes to pay for certain advanced diagnostic tests. After analyzing the proposed fee schedule, …

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Labs Serving Nursing Homes, Rural Areas to Suffer Most

CLINICAL LABORATORIES WITH A HIGH percentage of Medicare Part B lab test reimbursement are expected to suffer the most under the Part B Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule (CLFS) cuts that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services proposed Sept. 22. With the proposed rates schedul…

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Labs Have Heavy Burden to Report Lab Price Data

CEO SUMMARY: Clinical labs must assess their responsibilities to report lab test market prices to CMS as part of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act. A panel of three experts took up this topic at a recent webinar hosted by THE DARK REPORT. On June 23, the federal Centers for Medicaid &…

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Of Theranos, ADLTs, and Surgical Pathology Errors

THESE DAYS, IT SURE FEELS LIKE CLINICAL LABS AND PATHOLOGY GROUPS are under constant siege. Every month seems to bring one or more new developments that rock the clinical lab industry. Thera…

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ADLT Final Rule Creates Tough Questions for Labs

IT’S GOING TO BE A DIFFERENT AND TOUGHER WORLD for laboratory companies that market proprietary molecular and genetic tests. That’s the opinion of experts who have studied the final rule governing Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory Tests (ADLTs) that the federal Centers for Medicare & Med…

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PAMA Final Rule Issued, CMS Plans to Cut Rates by 5.6%

CEO SUMMARY: CMS issued its final rule for implementing the laboratory payment reform included in the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (PAMA) on June 17. All labs will see significant reductions to the Medicare Part B Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule that becomes effective on Jan…

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July 5, 2016 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News

More developments have happened at Theranos, Inc., the beleaguered clinical lab company based in Palo Alto, California. On June 24, Brook Buchanan, Vice President of Communications at Theranos, resigned, giving personal reasons for the decision. Buchanan was hired in November 2015, …

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Letter from Congress to CMS Asks for Delay in PAMA Reporting

CLINICAL LABORATORY ASSOCIATIONS are using a letter-writing campaign to members of Congress as a last-minute Hail Mary attempt to head off the controversial lab price market reporting rule that CMS intends to implement after January 1. Both Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. House of Representati…

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Lab Stakeholders Take Action to Prevent Drastic Cuts in the Medicare Lab Fee Schedule

WITH MANY CLINICAL LABORATORY STAKEHOLDERS anticipating major revenue shortfalls due to the Protecting Access to Medicare Act lab test mar…

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Will 2016 Bring Opportunity or Tribulations for Labs?

WE ARE JUST ABOUT EIGHT WEEKS FROM THE ADVENT OF 2016. Given the rapid transformation of healthcare that continues to unfold, it is timely to assess how clinical labs and pathology groups are likely to fare during the coming year. On the plus side, the ongoing evolution toward integration of clinica…

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