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Standard Bar Code Labels Can Reduce Lab Errors

CEO SUMMARY: Standardization of bar code labels is a concept whose time has come. After implementing CLSI standard AUTO12-A, first-mover clinical labs report fewer specimen identification errors, a reduction of costs associated with specimen handling errors, and a boost in lab productivity. Moreover, accrediting bodies such as The Joint Commission and the College of American

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9 Pennsylvania Hospitals Tackle Lab Specimen Errors

CEO SUMMARY: In this unusual collaboration, the participating Pennsylvania hospitals dramatically reduced blood specimen labeling errors. This initiative to share best practices incorporated techniques that were refined in other projects designed to reduce medical errors and improve patient care. Another interesting feature of this multi-hospital quality initiative is that the participating institutions agreed to publish

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E-Prescribing Functions that Labs Can Offer Office-Based Physicians

IN RESPONSE TO MEDICARE AND PRIVATE PAYER efforts to increase physicians’ use of e-prescribing, 4Medica, Inc., of Culver City, California, was one of the first laboratory informatics vendors to add an effective e-prescribing capability to its lab test order and results reporting system.

“As physicians adopt e-prescribing, it is a timely opportunity that laboratories can leverage

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Siemens, BioImagene, Clarient University of Pennsylvania, Mayo Clinic

IMAGING AND RADIOLOGY GIANT SIEMENS just made an interesting investment in digital pathology systems. On October 16, Siemens Venture Capital (SVC) revealed that it had purchased a stake in BioImagene Inc. (www.bioimagene.com) of Cupertino, California. The amount of the investment was not disclosed.

The timing of this

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Baylor University Lab Serves ED Needs With STAT Lab

CEO SUMMARY: Throughout the United States, hospital laboratories are working to meet ever-increasing lab testing demands by emergency department physicians. In response, many labs debate the benefits of a point-of-care testing (POCT) solution versus operating a rapid response lab in or next to the emergency department. Baylor chose the latter, and reports that it was

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An Industrial Engineer Looks At Laboratory Automation And Robotics

EDITOR’S INTRODUCTION: Last fall, Mark Smythe’s four-part DARK REPORT series about the thirteen “Perilous Parallels” common to commercial laboratory managers provoked widespread response among our clients and readers. We’ve invited him back to address management issues involving laboratory automation and robotics. As an industrial engineer with 35 years experience at some of America’s best-run companies,

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