More Firms Now Offer Web Lab Info Products

More Firms Now Offer Web Lab Info Products

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CEO SUMMARY: Since our last vendor directory in winter 2001, the number of companies selling browser-based systems for laboratory testing ordering and results reporting has doubled! That’s a sign that laboratories recognize the need to have an Internet strategy and are taking steps to deploy these types of Web-based services for their physicians.

IT’S BEEN THREE YEARS since publication by THE DARK REPORT of the first national survey of vendors offering browser-based systems for laboratory test ordering and results reporting.

During that time, more laboratories have introduced Web browser-based ordering and results reporting to their physicians. New products have entered the marketplace, some which incorporate second and third generation technology.

With so many changes, it’s time to update the national survey. On the following pages are listed 26 companies which currently offer some type of browser-based system to link laboratories and their physician-clients.

Accurate Information

Acquiring this information was a time-consuming chore. Many vendors, particularly the large, traditional HIS/LIS companies, do not respond rapidly (nor with honest, accurate information) to inquiries about the actual status of these products and which laboratories are paying customers with live installations. For that reason, some entries on the pages which follow indicate that the company did not provide requested information.

This national survey had three objectives. First, to list companies which have a product for browser-based lab test ordering and reporting results. Two, to identify what aspects of each product differentiates it from others in the marketplace. Third, to provide names of two laboratories with live systems in use. Each listing is condensed from the original material provided by those companies which responded. The format and space available dictated the descriptions which follow.

For clients and regular readers of THE DARK REPORT, this national survey provides a look at the breadth of this product segment, individual companies which offer such products, and specific laboratories which have acquired and put these systems into use. It is a helpful tool for several aspects of strategic planning.

Further, in comparing this national survey with the one published earlier (see TDR, February 26, 2001), several insights emerge. First, the number of companies offering these products has doubled. This indicates there is more market demand than just a few years ago. Second, the list of customers includes some of the nation’s most prominent commercial lab companies and hospital/health system outreach programs. Take this as evidence that growing numbers of physicians are becoming comfortable with using the Internet to order lab tests and access results.
Los Angeles, CA

4Medica’s system is called Retriever and was developed by physicians. Retriever was designed to be robust, yet uncomplicated to learn and to implement.

4Medica differentiates its application from other products in these areas: a) ability to integrate the services of multiple organizations, providing users with a single access point for information from multiple sources; b) unique pathology ordering and resulting module; and c) proprietary technologies to optimize screen management and background data processing over the Internet.

Two laboratories which hold contracts with 4Medica are Quest Diagnostics Incorporated and Stanford University Medical Center.
Antek Healthware, Inc.
Reistertown, MD

Antek’s product for browser-based laboratory test results reporting is the DAQreporter option. It is used in conjunction with the LabDAQ Laboratory Information System. Subscribing physicians have secure access to laboratory test results on their patients via the Internet.

Two accounts now providing this option to their physicians are Foxhall Internists and Valley Medical Group.
Atlas Medical Software
Calabasas, CA

Atlas Medical Software calls its system Atlas LabWorks. The product has been in use for several years and handles both lab test orders and lab test results reporting.

Atlas LabWorks is differentiated by its ability to operate in a variety of modes, including remote dial-up, LAN, WAN, Internet, distributed, and ASP-based Web outreach. It can deliver lab test results to wireless devices and has the capability to handle pathology orders and results reporting. A module supports “front-end data verification, using payer and billing system-specific criteria.”

Atlas Medical Systems reports that Spectrum Laboratory Network currently uses Atlas LabWorks.
Axolotl Corporation
Tampa, Florida

Axolotl Corporation provides a lab ordering solution, electronic results delivery and a data store. They are the Elysium Intelligent Ordering, Distribution Manager, and the Lab Data Store.

Elysium Intelligent Ordering enables physicians to order lab and radiology tests in real time directly from electronic patient results. It incorporates Medicare medical necessity rules, ICD and CPT coding checks, and generates ABNs. Patient ID, insurance, and demographic data is automatically included on all orders. The Elysium Lab Data Store aggregates lab order information in the database regardless of where patients’ samples are drawn. It tracks orders, assigns accession numbers (obtained from the laboratory legacy system or autogenerated), and can print bar code labels.

Axolotl has active installations at HealthBridge in Cincinnati, Ohio and Catholic Health West in San Francisco, California.
Elmwood Park, NJ

Careevolve’s laboratory solution is called LabEvolve. It was developed in- house at Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc. and is designed specifically to meet the needs of a laboratory competing for physicians’ office business.

It can run either as ASP or client- hosted, thin or thick client, and provides the full range of services and options that can be easily customized to the specific needs of laboratory customers. It can also be fully or partially “branded” as unique to the laboratory customer.

LabEvolve is in use at Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc. (BRLI), Elmwood Park, NJ and SED Medical Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM.
Cerner Corporation
Kansas City, MO

Millenium@ePathLink is Cerner’s name for its browser-based lab product. It is designed to be compatible with Cerner’s LIS products and connect laboratories with their outreach customers.

Clients can seamlessly register and order from remote locations (with the option to support medical necessity checking where desired). Information is captured in the laboratory with no need to re-enter, re-label or take additional action upon specimen receipt.

Two current customers using Millenium@ePathlink are: North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System and Anderson Area Medical Center.
Computer Trust Corporation
Boston, MA

Computer Trust Corporation’s Win-Surge system is designed for use by anatomic pathology (AP) laboratories.

WinSURGE can support multi-site AP laboratories. It is flexible, scalable and allows “custom windows” for data entry, customer report formats that include distribution and imaging, and ad hoc reporting.

The company declined to provide the name of laboratory customers where WinSurge is currently in use.
Calabasa, CA

CCA offers laboratories its CyberLab (7.0) system.

CCA differentiated its product by designing the entire system to be browser-based, not just order entry and results reporting. It also believes its total cost of ownership (TCO) is among the industry’s lowest, based on how it incorporates browser technology.

Two current customers are Springfield Clinic, Springfield, IL and Grenada Lake Medical Center, Grenada, MS.
Eclipsys Corporation
Boca Raton, FL

Sunrise XA is the system Eclipsys Corporation offers to laboratories. No additional information was provided about this product or the laboratories currently using it.
Health Vision
Irving, TX

Health Vision’s system is called Clinician Desktop (Lab Orders and Reporting Module).

Clinician Desktop offers full capabilities expected of a browser-based lab test order and resulting system. Some differentiations include the ability of the ordering module to determine patients’ insurance eligibility, medical necessity checking, ABNs, and a module for phlebotomists. Its reporting module can allow physicians to view results received from multiple labs and consolidate these into a single view.

Customers actively using this system are Yale New Haven Health System, New Haven, CT and Covenant Health System, Lubbock, TX.
Healthworks Alliance, Inc.
King of Prussia, PA

Healthworks Alliance, Inc. has a system called Compliance Checker All Payer.

This is not an order entry/results reporting system, but interfaces with other products when lab test orders are placed. It features “versatile, front-end, proactive denial management.” It integrates with all major registration and order entry systems and eliminates data reentry. It can be deployed in point-of-care or in hospital settings. It screens orders against Medicare LMRPs, commercial payer edits and generates requisitions and ABNs.

Compliance Checker is currently used by St. John’s Health System, Detroit, MI and Maury Regional Hospital in Columbia, TN.
Impac Medical Systems
Mountain View, CA

IMPAC Medical Systems, Inc. offers Intellilab, a laboratory information system with the capability of handling browser-base laboratory test orders and results reporting.

IMPAC differentiates Intellilab on these points: 1) system is based entirely on Internet technology; 2) it supports most standard laboratory outreach pro- gram needs; and 3) it enables secure transmission of lab reports via email.

Customers currently using Intellilab are Slocum-Dickson Medical Group and Durham Internal Medicine.
Glendale, CA

LabDat, Inc. has a system called LabDat. The company did not provide information about its product nor about laboratories currently using this system.
Labtest Systems, Inc
Bethlehem, PA

Labtest Systems Inc. was an early entrant in the market for browser-based lab test ordering/results reporting sys- tems. Its products are Lab Valet and Lab Valet SA.

Labtest Systems differentiates itself by length of time in the market, and ongoing relationships with its first laboratory customers. Other differentiators are pricing structure, hosted or ASP model, touch screen order entry, capability to serve patient service centers and nursing homes, and ability to interface with any LIS, APS, or interface engine.

Two active laboratory customers include William Beaumont Hospital Reference Laboratory, Royal Oak, MI and Continuum Health Partners, New York, NY.
McKesson Corporation
Alpharetta, GA

McKesson’s entry in the browser-based lab test order/resulting market is Horizon Lab Web Outreach.

This product is capable of the full range of services and functions using Internet connectivity. It includes Medicare compliance checking, specimen labeling and routing, and full Web access to laboratory test data.

Laboratories currently using this product include Regional West Medical Center, Scottsdale, NE and Southeastern Regional Medical Center, Lumberton, NC.
MedPlus, Inc.
Mason, OH

MedPlus, Inc. declined to provide any information for this listing.
Misys Healthcare Systems
Tucson, AZ

Misys Healthcare Systems’ Hospital Systems Business Unit offers the Misys Encompass for outreach use.

Misys Encompass is a client-hosted Web application. It works with both Misys Laboratory and Misys Commercial Laboratory LIS products. It offers online ordering, real time diagnosis checking, ABNs, and other customizable features.

Customers are Palmetto Health, Columbia, SC and TriCore Reference Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM.
Opus Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
Austin, TX

Opus Healthcare Systems, Inc. offers OpusMD for browser-based laboratory test orders and results. The company provided neither information about this product nor laboratories currently using OpusMD.
Orchard Software Corporation
Carmel, IN

Orchard Software Corporation has two systems for laboratories in this market segment. One is Orchard Copia. The other is Orchard Harvest Webstation.

Harvest Webstation is the outreach component of Orchard Harvest LIS.
Copia is designed to unite lab networks under one lab order management and results delivery system, regardless of existing laboratory information systems. One important differentiation is that both systems are technically advanced for interfacing with other systems and linking multiple laboratories and remote users over a common communication network. Each is designed to accommodate a broad range of workflow requirements for laboratory and phlebotomy operations.

Two laboratories with systems in active use are Piedmont Healthcare, Statesville, NC and NorDx Laboratories, Scarborough, ME.
Park City Solutions
Park City, UT

Park City Solutions (formerly Chi Laboratory Systems) offers what it calls Dx Laboratory Portal.

Strategic differentiations are: 1) ability to use either a digital pen, conventional order forms, or direct entry of lab test orders; 2) on-line patient pre-registration before visiting either the physician or the patient service center; 3) patient information/education module; 4) on-line guidance for test selection; and 5) assistance in phlebotomy and inventory control of drawing supplies.

Two customers are Genesis Clinical Laboratories, Berwyn, IL and United Regional Health System, Wichita Falls, TX.
Physicians Online
Boca Raton, FL

Physicians Online, a subsidiary of Cybear, Inc. declined to provide information for this listing.
New Albany, IN

ProxyMed’s product is called Its product was developed to complement the laboratory information services offered by Key Communications, its business division that serves laboratories throughout the United States.

One strategic differentiation is that does not require an HL7 interface, thus saving the time and cost required to develop such an interface. It receives results in a print stream format, much like the Key Communications remote teleprinters.

Currently using this system are Health Network Laboratories, Allentown, PA and Doctors Lab, Valdosta, GA.
Psyche Systems
Milford, MA

Psyche Systems’ primary laboratory information (LIS) product is LabWeb, which includes the capability for browser-based lab test ordering and resulting.

Some features of the product include advanced rules-based analysis, mobile access to pathology cases, and a competitive total cost of ownership (TCO).

Two current customers are Huron Medical Center and Columbus Community Hospital.
Siemens Medical Solutions
Malvern, PA

Siemens Medical Solutions USA offers NOVIUS Lab, which supports the outreach market via various web-based options.

For high volume outreach customers, Siemens HIS or NOVIUS Lab provides remote order entry. NOVIUS Lab provides secure web access to results by the clinician directly from the application. Siemens also offers the Health Enterprise Dashboard, which provides lab results across the continuum of care, as well as access to other information such as patient history, physicals, radiology, etc.

Names of two laboratory customers were not provided.
Specialty Laboratories
Santa Monica, CA

As a national reference/esoteric laboratory, Specialty Laboratories, Inc. developed its system, Outreach Express, as a value-added offering for its hospital laboratory clients.

Several aspects differentiate Outreach Express. Because primary users are hospital laboratories, Outreach Express is designed to be flexible to meet the individual needs of such labs while connecting outreach clients to the lab’s LIS. As an ASP-based system it can support multi-entity healthcare systems. It includes medical necessity checking.
Sysmex Health IT Systems
Tucson, AZ

Sysmex Health IT Systems offers a laboratory information system called Molis. Its product for browser-based laboratory test orders and results is eClair.

Formerly called TLC (total lab connection), the eClair system is differentiated by its use of the latest generation Web technologies of XML and dHTML, which incorporates tools. It provides integrated health systems with a single portal for lab test ordering and viewing lab results, radiology images, pharmacy results, patient history and physicals, cardiology, and more.

The company did not provide names of labs currently using this system.


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