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Most Colorado Labs Now Connected to State’s HIE

CEO SUMMARY: One trend getting little publicity is that of health information exchanges (HIEs). Since its founding in 2009, the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO) has grown steadily. Today, most of the state’s independent lab companies and hospital laboratories are connected to CORHIO. Real-time access to laboratory test data is one feature that has

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Inverness Medical, ACON, LabInfotech, Kaiser Permenante

WITH A STRATEGY OF BECOMING DOMINANT in the consumer testing market and point-of- care (POC) testing sector, Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc., of Waltham, Massachusetts, has actively acquired companies and technologies in these fields.

Its latest move was to pay $200 million to purchase the remaining parts of ACON that it did

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Emerging Global Trends in How Labs Are Using “Distributed Computing”

“In several different countries, laboratories already use
‘distributed computing’, in the form of a single LIS data center that provides informatics services to as many as 25 laboratories in a region. The trend is to increase interoperability and portability of the information for better patient care.”
—Jacques Baudin Executive Vice President, Technidata America Medical Software

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Key Trends Drive Change for Clinical Laboratories

CEO SUMMARY: Technology plays an ever-growing role in reshaping the organization and operation of clinical laboratories. New technologies figure prominently in THE DARK REPORT’S 2007 list of key trends in the clinical laboratory industry. Technological advances in instrument systems, informatics, and molecular diagnostics are giving laboratories new tools to improve clinical services and streamline lab

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Pathologist Is on Board Of Central Florida RHIO

CEO SUMMARY: Participation in the development and implementation of Central Florida’s nascent regional health information organization (RHIO) is helping Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL), of Austin, Texas, achieve four strategic goals. Philip Chen, M.D., Ph.D., CPL’s Vice President and Chief Medical Informatics Officer, predicts that this RHIO will speed up the integration of healthcare informatics.


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Lab Tests in Pharmacies, Genzyme, Healthe, Singing River Hospital, VA

IT IS OFTEN SUGGESTED that pharmacies are a logical place to combine laboratory testing with prescription services. Such an arrangement would be consumer-friendly and has the potential to improve patient care while lowering costs.

In Great Britain, the National Health Service has launched a pilot program to test this concept. Earlier this year, it began remodeling

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