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Misys Health Restructures By Selling Two Divisions

CEO SUMMARY: Misys Healthcare Systems of London, England, has sold its diagnostic LIS systems to Vista Equity Partners of San Francisco, California, for $381.5 million. The deal raises several questions, particularly for those labs currently running Misys laboratory information systems (LIS). Will the new owner make the substantial investment required to upgrade the LIS and

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Pricing Models and RFP Terms For Web Orders and Results

CEO SUMMARY: Browser-based systems for lab test ordering and results reporting are now offered by a growing number of vendors. Early adopter labs are successfully acquiring these systems and offering them to their physician-clients. In this third installment of our special series, Cory Fishkin explains how to develop effective RFPs (Request For Proposals). He also

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Dr. Bruce Friedman Identifies Market Dynamics Driving Evolution of Lab Information Services

CEO SUMMARY: Probably no one is better positioned to identify the evolution of laboratory information services than Bruce Friedman, M.D., Professor of Pathology at the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor. For almost 20 years, he has hosted the pre-eminent meeting in laboratory informatics, known as AIMCL—Automated Information Management for Clinical Laboratories. Dr.

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Internet-Based Lab Info Racing Into Marketplace

CEO SUMMARY: It’s another roller coaster ride for clinical laboratories and pathology practices. Within 24 months, virtually all physician offices will be using web-based technology to order lab tests and receive test results. Web-based ordering/reporting of laboratory testing will drive the organizational form of laboratories and pathology groups throughout the upcoming decade.


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