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Finding Opportunities Within the TC/PC Trend

CEO SUMMARY: It is common for a pathology group to simply say “No, we won’t help” when it is asked by a specialist physician group for help in establishing its own in-practice ancillary service in anatomic pathology. After all, the pathologists are losing a big chunk of their revenu…

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Two Blockbuster Stories to Rock the Lab Industry!

WOW! YOU HAVE TWO BLOCKBUSTER STORIES covered in this issue, which expanded into extra pages to bring you all the news and detailed analysis. Our lead story, on the facing page, is first news in the laboratory industry of criminal indictments of three ex-UroCor executives for laborat…

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Lawyer Argues: UroCor Charges Are a Concern

CEO SUMMARY: Criminal charges in the case against three ex-UroCor executives will likely alter existing compliance practices that affect how a lab offers price discounts to physicians and the way a lab uses “waiver of charges” in situations where it is an out-of-network provider. Atto…

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Linking UroCor Indictments With Specialist Doc Pathology

IS THE TIMING of the criminal indictments of three ex-UroCor executives going to be a fortuitous event for the anatomic pathology profession? I ask this question because the exploding trend of specialist physician groups internalizing anatomic pathology services was slated to be the…

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Two Blood Brothers Use “Free Testing” Strategy

CEO SUMMARY: It’s a business strategy that Quest Diagnostics Incorporated and Laboratory Corporation of America use in selected areas where they have lost exclusive managed care contracts to regional lab competitors. In order to retain access to a physician’s fee-for-service testing b…

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Two New Public Labs Launch Operations in FL

CEO SUMMARY: In 49 states, independent commercial laboratory companies are disappearing. But that’s not the case in Florida. In recent months, two new public laboratory companies completed organizational steps and now offer diagnostic testing services. Both companies are starting small,…

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Atlas Development,, Bio-Reference Labs, Cytyc, TriPath Imaging

EARLY ADOPTERS OFFER WEB-ENABLED LAB TEST REPORTING TO DOCTORS THERE’S A GROWING NUMBER of clinical laboratories which now provide Web-enabled lab test reporting to their physician-clients. Dynacare, Inc. is in the first phase of a national roll-out of Web-enabled lab tes…

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Quest Holds Off on SBCL, Leaves the Door Open

CEO SUMMARY: It’s a cryptic situation as of press time. Quest Diagnostics issued a public statement on July 1 stating that its acquisition of SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories would not close on July 2, as expected. Since that date, there’s been no further comment on the situat…

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Management Execution Part of AML’s Success

CEO SUMMARY: Swift and positive changes at American Medical Laboratories (AML) came as a direct result of energetic management. AML provides lab executives with an outstanding case study of how to take an existing, somewhat tranquil lab organization and turn it into a high-performance rev…

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Sales to Become the Secret Behind Successful Labs

SALES WILL BECOME A NECESSARY PART of every laboratory executive’s management toolbox during the next few years. The unmistakable success of the nation’s best-performing laboratories now rests on their effective use of sales and marketing programs. This is not something that most hospital labora…

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