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Meet the Medical Technologist Who Does Daily Rounds in the Hospital

TO MAKE THE TRANSITION FROM VOLUME TO VALUE, pathologists and clinical laboratory scientists are beginning to leave the four walls of their labs to engage clinicians in ways that add value to the lab tests performed on their patients. That’s exactly what one medical technologist is doing in a comm…

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Henry Ford Health System Laboratory Division Combines Lean with ISO 15189

CEO SUMMARY: As healthcare transitions away from fee-for-service payment and adopts new models of reimbursement, every clinical lab will need to deliver more value with its lab testing services. At Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, the laboratory division has blazed a path of improving…

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Phlebotomy Contributes To Drop in Sepsis Mortality

CEO SUMMARY: When Intermountain Healthcare began a quality improvement program to address sepsis, its sepsis mortality rate was 20.2%, among the lowest in the nation. By 2007, all 15 of its hospitals had deployed this program. A breakthrough came in recent years, when a phlebotomist was a…

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New Lab Industry Trends Require Responses by Labs

CEO SUMMARY: One stark difference between the presentations delivered at last year’s Executive War College and this year’s presentations in New Orleans last week was near-unanimous recognition that the era of fee-for-service payment is soon to end! Speaker after speaker urged the…

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Fewer Blood Draws at UCSF Boost Patient Satisfaction

CEO SUMMARY: Physician residents at the UCSF School of Medicine set a target of reducing unnecessary blood draws. By eliminating needless needle sticks, the residents are focusing on patient experience while also encouraging physicians to pay more attention to the need to decreas…

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Benchmarking with the Best To Be a World Class Laboratory

CEO SUMMARY: This fourth installment of this special series about the laboratory value pyramid introduces “Level Four: Use Benchmarks to Achieve Best-in-Class.” This is the highest level of the four level pyramid. When a lab organization performs at this level, it will be deliver…

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Preparing the Next Generation of Lab Leaders

ACROSS THE LAB TESTING INDUSTRY, individual labs are caught in a serious conundrum. On one hand, the ongoing transformation of healthcare and the erosion of lab test revenues are putting the financial squeeze on a large number of clinical labs and pathology groups. On the other hand, at the very mom…

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Aetna Files Suit against NJ Lab, Plans to Sue Two More Labs

FINALLY, A MAJOR HEALTH INSURER IS taking a hard line against clinical laboratories it suspects of committing fraud. Aetna Health, Inc., and Aetna Life Insurance Company, of Hartford, Connecticut, have sued one lab company and included physicians as defendants in tha…

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Defining a Path to Clinical Laboratory Best-in-Class via Benchmarks

CEO SUMMARY: With the American healthcare system undergoing a major transformation, it is essential that all clinical laboratories and pathology groups recognize this transformation and effect the right strategies to meet the needs of physicians, patients, and payers. A g…

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BRLI-Horizon BCBS Lawsuit Is Window to Payer Actions

CEO SUMMARY: Do “actions speak louder than words?” In New Jersey, one lab company sued a major health insurer for “breach of contract and fraud.” Court documents include claims describing how one health insurer became ever more sophisticated in how it played one public lab company…

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