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2.3% Medical Device Tax Hits Clinical Labs in 2013

CEO SUMMARY: One aspect of the massive new health bill is that medical device companies will pay a 2.3% tax, effective January 1, 2013. Students of economics know that it is customers who invariably end up paying such direct taxes. Thus, clinical laboratories in the United States should p…

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Pathology, Inc. Sells Equity to Raise Capital

CEO SUMMARY: In looking how to propel its business to the next level, the partners at Pathology, Inc., opted not to sell their pathology group practice. Instead, they chose to raise capital by selling equity in their company to a group of investors. In this exclusive interview, executives…

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New Clinical Lab Trends To Shape Events in 2010

CEO SUMMARY: In presenting this list of macro trends for clinical laboratories, several themes are in play. They range from a continued emphasis on improving lab operations to the need to acquire and deploy sophisticated information technology. During the next few years, the long…

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$750 Million Lab Test Tax Proposed in Senate Bill

CEO SUMMARY: A bill that may be the U.S. Senate’s framework for reforming the U.S. healthcare system calls for a tax of $750 million per year to be paid by lab testing companies. The proposed bill also calls for a reduction in Medicare reimbursement for lab testing. One positiv…

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Healthcare Reform and Threats to Lab Testing

CEO SUMMARY: Annual healthcare spending now pushes past $2.5 trillion and this summer’s debate about how to best reform healthcare in the United States will be raucous and emotional. For the laboratory testing industry, the stakes are immense. THE DARK REPORT identifies two pri…

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