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Bio-Rad Buys Ciphergen’s Proteomics Technology

PROTEOMICS IS EXPECTED TO BE ONE of the most active areas in molecular diagnostics and Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. has just staked a major claim to a promising proteomic technology.

In a transaction announced on August 18, 2006, Bio-Rad will acquire the proprietary proteomics instrument business of Ciphergen Biosystems Inc., which includes the SELDI technology (Surface Enhanced

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More IVD Consolidation: DPC Sells to Siemens

CEO SUMMARY: It is a significant acquisition, and not just because Diagnostic Products Corporation has a major presence in immunodiagnostics. Siemens Medical Solutions is one of the dominant competitors in radiology. Its willingness to pony up almost $2 billion to enter the clinical diagnostics market signals a serious intent to develop services that support individualized

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Proteomic Tests Poised For Clinical Market

CEO SUMMARY: Proteomics-based technology is developing rapidly. The strategic collaboration announced last month between Ciphergen Biosystems and Quest Diagnostics Incorporated is potentially worth $25 million. It is an expensive bet that next-generation proteomics tests soon to enter the clinical marketplace will provide high clinical utility and give physicians new diagnostic tools.


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ChromaVision Targets National AP Market

CEO SUMMARY: Three new business strategies are moving ChromaVision into different segments of the laboratory testing marketplace. The company has built a new laboratory facility and will support local pathology groups with advanced diagnostic technology. It is also expanding its presence in the research and development area of pharmacodiagnostics, with an emphasis on oncology.


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