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IMPATH Has a Buyer: Genzyme Pays $215 Mil

CEO SUMMARY: Two unexpected things happened in IMPATH’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy action. First, it attracted a buyer willing to pay the premium price of $215 million for its assets. Second, the buyer was not another laboratory company. Rather, it is a new entrant into the oncology diagnost…

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New Competitors Line Up In Oncology Marketplace

CEO SUMMARY: Local pathology groups are advised to more closely track developments in the national market for oncology testing. Not only is big money targeting cancer testing, but a number of nimble, entrepreneurial start-up companies have begun to compete for specimens. Genzyme’s acqui…

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Major Changes at Dade Behring Soon to Be Visible In Lab Market

Its recent financial restructuring now complete, Dade Behring prepares a “brand building” campaign CEO SUMMARY: Dade Behring is poised to become a tough and high-profile competitor in the laboratory diagnostics marketplace. Earlier this month,…

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Sigma-Aldrich, Ivax Diagnostics, i-STAT, Quest Diagnostics, Unilab

SIGMA-ALDRICH SELLS ITS EIA PRODUCT LINE TO IVAX DIAGNOSTICS FOLLOWING ITS DECISION TO EXIT the clinical diagnostics market, Sigma-Aldrich, Inc. has sold its global enzyme immunoassay (EIA) product line to Ivax Diagnostics, Inc., based in Miami, Florida. Th…

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DIANON Systems, United Health, Aetna, Quest Diagnostics, Orchid, AmeriPath

DIANON SYSTEMS INKS NATIONAL AGREEMENT WITH UNITEDHEALTHCARE A NEW NATIONAL AGREEMENT between DIANON Systems, Inc. and UnitedHealthcare was announced last week. The agreement allows DIANON Systems to provide pathology and genetic testing services to all the…

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Beckman Coulter Positions Itself For Biotech Testing Continuum

CEO SUMMARY: Here’s a little-known side to diagnostics giant Beckman Coulter Inc. Its efforts to expand into the fields of biomedical R&D and clinical research is a strategic shift designed to give it early access to promising technology that could be introduced into the clinical di…

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“May 21, 2001 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

As predicted in the last issue of THE DARK REPORT, Quest Diagnostics Incorporated did acquire all the remaining shares of MedPlus, Inc. which it didn’t already own. MedPlus offers a variety of clinical information products, including one to create and manage electr…

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DNA Diagnostics Market, Kaiser Permanente, TriPath Imaging, LifeScan

DNA DIAGNOSTICS MARKET GROWTH TO BE DOMINATED BY PCR TECHNOLOGY FOR THE YEAR 2000, total DNA diagnostic technology sales were estimated to be $517 million. By 2005, this number should increase to $771 million, a growth rate of 8.4% per year. This is the conclusion of Laura Roth, author of …

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Year’s Ten Biggest Stories Reveal Modest Changes

CEO SUMMARY: In many ways, 2000 was a relatively quiet year for laboratory organizations. This list of the ten biggest stories in the lab industry for 2000 demonstrates that the most innovative laboratory organizations in the United States are “raising the bar” for service and quality…

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Quantum Dot Corporation, Healtheon/WebMD, Illumea

QUANTUM DOT CORP. TO COLLABORATE WITH GENENTECH PROGRESS IS SWIFT AT Quantum Dot Corporation, based in Palo Alto, California. Quantum Dot announced an agreement to collaborate with Genentech, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California. The goal is to e…

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