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Sonic Uses Lab Data, Patient-Contact Tools, to Improve Outcomes

CEO SUMMARY: In its work for a federally qualified health center, Sonic Healthcare USA helped physicians use a data-driven approach to population health management that incorporated integrated financial and clinical analytics. Also, Sonic developed technologies that give ordering physicians clinical decision support and targeted patient engagement tools. It then developed a way to contact patients

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Pathology Part A Comp Under Attack by Both Hospitals and Insurers

CEO SUMMARY: In steadily-growing numbers, hospitals and insurers are taking active steps to reduce or eliminate compensation for clinical pathology professional services, also commonly referred to as “Part A” services. Unfortunately, many pathology groups fail to anticipate this situation until it’s almost too late. In this DARK REPORT exclusive, attorney Richard S. Cooper identifies methods

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Labs Moving to Internet For Results Reporting

CEO SUMMARY: When faced with the choice of implementing Web-accessed lab test ordering or Web-accessed results reporting, most early adopter laboratories started with results reporting. It requires much less money and effort to accomplish. Vendors recognized this fact and are introducing a variety of products that enable labs to give their physician clients Web access

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Consumers Taking Active Role In Their Laboratory Testing

CEO SUMMARY: Two recent Internet surveys revealed that consumers rank access to their personal lab test results as the number one most wanted feature in healthcare services. This is an early warning for laboratories and pathology group practices. Today’s consumers have changing expectations about the types of services they want their clinical laboratory to provide.

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Express Scripts, InformInvestor.com, UroCor, Bio-Reference Laboratories

Just-released data from Express Scripts, Inc. indicates that spending on prescription drugs increased by a record 17.4% during 1999. This compares to a 9.6% spending increase for drugs in 1998.

As most lab executives know, prescription drug pricing is a hot-button issue with Congress. The new

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Web-Based Lab Transactions Part of McKesson HBOC’s Plan

CLINICAL LABORATORY DATA will play a big role at iMcKesson, the new Internet healthcare business unit of McKesson HBOC, Inc., based in San Francisco.

McKesson HBOC is putting existing business assets representing annual sales of $300 million into this new division. They include Abaton.com, Physician Office Manager, and Acess Health, among others.
Real-Time Web Services
iMcKesson intends to

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Hospital Labs To Regain Pre-Eminence in Coming Years

CEO SUMMARY: During the past five years, powerful forces in the healthcare marketplace positioned hospital-based laboratories to once again become the dominant force in laboratory testing. But this can only occur if today’s generation of hospital laboratory directors and clinical pathologists fully understand this opportunity and act to properly prepare their laboratory. It will require

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