Path Income Strategies Subject Of Symposium

Unprecedented workshop offers techniques to preserve and enhance pathology income

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CEO SUMMARY: Public discussion of pathology income and compensation has been taboo for a good reason: the reality is one of contract cutbacks and declining reimbursement for pathology services. THE DARK REPORT is inviting a select group of astute pathologists to Scottsdale on November 8 to identify, articulate and share winning strategies for the preservation and enhancement of pathology income.

WIDESPREAD REDUCTIONS to pathology compensation and income is probably the single greatest threat facing pathologists in today’s world of managed healthcare.

Hospital administrators, private payers and even IPAs are slashing pathology reimbursement at every opportunity. Offsetting these reimbursement cut-backs is difficult because there are fewer ways to contract for additional anatomic pathology work.

Yet in the midst of such cut-backs, a select number of pathology practices are prospering. These pathologists understand and use business techniques which preserve and enhance their pathology compensation.

To identify, articulate and share winning strategies for protecting and enhancing pathology income, THE DARK REPORT is convening the 1998 Pathologist Income Symposium and Workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona on November 8, 1997.

“Until now, the subject of pathology compensation at a public meeting has been taboo,” stated Boone Emmons, President of Emmons and Associates. “This stricture denies pathologists the opportunity to learn about useful ways to preserve income. In travels throughout the United States, it can be observed that a select number of astute pathologists seem to sustain and increase their revenue and income despite the inroads of managed care.”

“This private symposium on pathology income is probably the only opportunity to learn the power money strategies used by the most financially successful pathology practices in the United States today.”
—Boone Emmons

“It was time to break that stricture and bring together a select group of savvy pathologists who actively want to preserve and enhance their income.”

The event promises to be an unusual day of learning. “Attendance will be limited to just 100,” stated Emmons, who will lead a workshop on strategic planning at the symposium.“Only pathologists and their business advisors are invited. By excluding the people you negotiate contracts with, we guarantee candid, frank exchange of information and ideas on the vital subject of compensation and income.

“We expect a number of unrecognized pathology innovators will be participants,” he continued. “This is often the source of the most powerful knowledge. Combined with our experts in pathology contracting, finance, law, and strategic planning, this private symposium promises to be the sleeper event of the year.”

To insure free-wheeling, useful dialogue, the event is scheduled for one day at the plush Sunburst Resort. This permits busy pathologists to fly in, work hard, enjoy the surroundings and be back at the lab for Monday morning. An all- inclusive fee for the private symposium covers lodging, meals during the program, audio tapes of the proceedings, written materials prepared by the experts and a special proceedings summary prepared on-site as the event unfolds.

“Getting to brass tacks, this private symposium is about the money you make… and the money you keep,” added Emmons. “Any pathologist with concerns about how his pathology practice will maintain an adequate revenue stream should consider this a ‘must-attend’event.

“This private symposium is designed to provide pathologists with effective tools for safeguarding and enhancing pathology compensation,” he continued. “It will be a day of hard work and participants should expect a huge pay-off in
professional fulfillment and improved financial results.”


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