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Maine’s Spectrum Medical Group Offers Multiple Specialties

CEO SUMMARY: Pathologists looking for a viable future in a healthcare system marked by integration of clinical care and value-based reimbursement will be interested to learn about Spectrum Medical Group based in Portland, Maine. This 180-member multispecialist group includes 22 pathologists (but no primary care physicians). It has found a way to serve ACOs, health

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“Pay for Performance” Starts For California Docs

CEO SUMMARY: California is a bellwether state for healthcare innovations. Six of its largest payers are collaborating on “Pay For Performance,” a program which pays financial incentives to physician group practices which achieve measurable outcomes in clinical care, patient satisfaction, and implementation of information technology. It’s expected to be a model for similar initiatives in

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“October 7, 2002 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Without much fanfare or notice, Liposcience Inc. of Raleigh, North Carolina tested the waters for an initial public offering (IPO) last month. It found market conditions unfavorable for its proposed offering of $92 million and deferred its IPO. Liposcience, with annual revenues of $18.5 million, markets a cardiovascular test built upon nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

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Pacificare, IBM, Keane, MedicaLogic/MedScape, WebMD, DrKoop.com

NOT SO MANY YEARS AGO, PacifiCare Health Systems Inc. was considered the quintessential embodiment of all that was expected to be good with managed healthcare.

The company’s business model was studied and copied in cities throughout the country. It shifted 100% of the risk on providers, used capitation almost exclusively,

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“October 15, 2001 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

It’s a sign of the times for managed healthcare. Pacificare Health System, Inc. will offer its first preferred provider organization (PPO) health plan. the PPO is being marketed in California, Oklahoma, and Texas. Enrollment starts this month. Until now Pacificare’s business model was solely built around a fully-capitated, provider-assumes-all-risk arrangement. But during the past 24

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Market Hesitates to Embrace Automated Screening Products

CEO SUMMARY: Technology to enhance and improve conventional Pap smear screening was introduced into the clinical marketplace almost five years ago. But the clinical laboratory industry has yet to embrace these various technologies in any meaningful way. Like the introduction of liquid preparation methods for Pap smear testing, these various technologies to enhance and automate

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HMO Decline Predicted As PPOs Gain Enrollment

CEO SUMMARY: Managed care analyst Michael Casey believes HMO enrollment will peak, possibly in 2000. PPOs (preferred provider organizations) are gaining members at an increasing rate. Within California, the provider revolt over deficient reimbursement levels is escalating. Orange County’s largest medical group, with 500 doctors, announced it would not accept new HMO contracts and might

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Merger Creates “New” Pathology Competitor

CEO SUMMARY: Pathology business consolidation and regionalization continues. Pathology Consultants of America, Inc. (PCA) and PathSOURCE, Inc. announced their intention to merge last month. The combined company will be called Inform DX, Inc. and will compete nationally for anatomic pathology business. Inform DX represents a new business model for the anatomic pathology profession.


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