COVID-19: a Fork in the Road for Future Lab Testing?

We have all experienced a pandemic unique in the history of the world. Two elements, in particular, distinguished this pandemic from earlier global outbreaks. First, genetic technologies allowed scientists to almost instantly sequence the DNA of the novel coronavirus, once it was recognized as a unique infectious agent. That accelerated development of the vaccines. 

Second was the global lockdown of ordinary citizens, accompanied by the ban on all public gatherings—be it sports, church services, concerts, or plays. Students did not go to school and parents worked from home. Cruise ships stayed in port, and the airlines carried just 25% of passengers per day compared to pre-pandemic levels. 

Now, the latest stats on the Omicron variant indicate the pandemic may be winding down. On Jan. 24, 2022, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 1,025,249 new COVID-19 cases that day. As of Mar. 10, just 42,566 new COVID-19 cases were reported for that day. 

These facts confront lab administrators and pathologists with the need to answer an important question: What happens to healthcare and the clinical laboratory industry as we move forward? Will the COVID-19 pandemic prove to be the fork in the road that propelled U.S. healthcare down a path that differed from what was laid out at the end of 2019? 

Answer that question incorrectly and your laboratory organization may find itself moving in the wrong direction in coming years, with the consequence of lost clients and the inability to generate sufficient revenue to sustain operations. Answer the question correctly and the future could be clinically and financially robust for your laboratory, as well as for the hospitals, physicians, and payers and patients it serves. 

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