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How Mentors Can Best Train Young Lab Leaders

CEO SUMMARY: Mentoring will be the theme of a special learning track at this year’s Executive War College. Two nationally-respected experts on mentoring and leadership development will work with participating lab mentors and mentorees to help them advance their mentoring relationship. All of this is designed to help your laboratory prepare its younger managers to

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Could Health Insurers Be at War with Clinical Labs?

CEO SUMMARY: It may sound ridiculous to assert that the nation’s largest health insurers are now “waging war” against clinical labs. However, some very smart people in the profession of laboratory medicine are expressing this opinion. To support such a conclusion, they point to payers’ recent drastic price cuts and network contracting strategies. Moreover, these

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Four California Labs Sue Quest and Three Insurers

CEO SUMMARY: Allegations of anticompetitive and monopolistic behaviors that violate state and federal laws are the basis of a private lawsuit filed by four independent clinical lab companies in California. The defendants are Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, Aetna, Blue Shield of California, and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Plaintiffs claim that the defendants “conspired… to

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Why Pathologists Benefit from Growth of In-Office Path Labs

Dear Editor:
Your article on the trend of office-based physicians building in-clinic anatomic pathology laboratories was fascinating, but in my opinion, it was off the mark.

In the article, “AP Labs in Doc’s Clinics Now an Established Fact” (See TDR, September 6, 2011), you wrote that the growth of In-clinic pathology labs is disrupting community hospital-based pathology

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