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Feds Show How Labs Took $500 Million from Medicare

CEO SUMMARY: In this second phase of the whistleblower case against three cardiology testing labs and a sales consulting company, federal prosecutors are requesting a jury trial against the individuals named in the court documents filed August 7. Federal investigators alleged that executives at one lab began a fraud scheme in 1999 and then expanded that scheme to other labs over 15 years. The suit claims that the labs made improper payments to referring physicians.

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Patient ABNs Can Save On Expensive Send-outs

CEO SUMMARY: Throughout the United States, the growing number of high-priced, patent-protected specialty tests is eating into the laboratory budgets of many hospitals. At Hospital Consolidated Laboratories in Southfield, Michigan, this budget-busting threat triggered an innovative response. Now the lab uses ABNs to alert patients that they will be personally responsible to pay for such

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THIRD QUARTER FINANCIAL REPORTS for Specialty Laboratories, Inc. show that the company is returning to a more normal routine, following the two unusual and unrelated events which hit it during 2002.

Specialty Labs reported net revenue of $29.9 million for third quarter 2003. This is a decline of 9.7% from

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Specialty Progresses With CA Lab Regulators

CEO SUMMARY: Earlier this month California laboratory regulators found Specialty Laboratories, Inc. to be “in substantial compliance with California clinical laboratory law.” This is an important milestone in restoring the lab company to full compliance with both state and federal laboratory regulations. Meanwhile, at the CLMA convention in New Orleans, Specialty Labs mounted a major

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