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Two Blood Brothers Report Declines in Revenue-Per-Req

REIMBURSEMENT FOR CLINICAL laboratory testing has declined, particularly for molecular tests. As a consequence, the nation’s two largest laboratory testing companies are feeling the negative effect of lower lab test prices. Both Quest Diagnostics Incorporated and Laborator…

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Report Shows Price Drop for Most Molecular Tests

CEO SUMMARY: In recent weeks, labs are reporting that Medicare contractors have begun to issue payments for molecular test claims filed—but unpaid—since January 1, 2013. A newly-issued analysis of this situation by Quorum Consulting indicates that, for many molecular assays, Medicare …

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Medicare Taken to Task about Molecular Test Pricing Method

EDITOR’S NOTE: Submitted by Lâle White, CEO of XIFIN, Inc., of Carlsbad, California, this letter describes the problems caused by the Medicare program’s failure, as of January 1, 2013, to be ready to process and reimburse lab test claims for more than 100 new mo…

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Competitive Bidding: Once Again, It’s Back!

CEO SUMMARY: For the clinical lab industry, the concept of competitive bidding for Medicare Part B Clinical Lab Testing may be like the movie “Groundhog Day.” The hero, Bill Murray, kept reliving the same day over and over. So it seems to be with competitive bidding. In the latest rep…

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Today’s Lab Test Model Won’t Survive Reforms

CEO SUMMARY: For more than three decades, independent lab companies have waxed fat by increasing their respective market share of lab test referrals from office-based physicians. This era is poised to end as growing numbers of office-based physicians begin to practice medicine within an a…

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Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp Report Q-4, Full Year Earnings

IN RECENT WEEKS, each of the nation’s two largest public laboratory companies reported earnings for fourth quarter 2011 and full year 2011. Organic growth at both lab companies continues at low single-digit rates. This continues the pattern of relatively modest growth that has been posted by each …

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Former Lab CEO Explains Why He Filed Lawsuit

CEO SUMMARY: It may be the first time that a former public laboratory CEO has turned whistleblower. Andrew Baker, formerly Chairman and CEO of Unilab Corporation in the 1990s, filed a qui tam case in federal court last year that centers on the practice of lab companies offering private he…

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Final Three Labs Settle California Qui Tam Case

CEO SUMMARY: In recent months, the California Attorney General (AG) entered into settlement agreements with the last three defendant laboratory companies involved in the Medi-Cal discount pricing whistleblower lawsuit. The AG did not make this news public. In their respective settlement a…

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Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp Report Second Quarter Earnings

JUST ONE DAY APART, the nation’s two largest laboratory testing companies reported second quarter and half-year earnings for 2011. Each financial report opened a window into marketplace developments for the first six months of this year. First to release its earnings report was Quest Diagn…

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What Comes Next in Battle Over Discount Lab Prices?

CEO SUMMARY: Now that the settlement involving Quest Diagnostics Incorporated and the California Attorney General has been announced, attention turns to what comes next with the four remaining defendant lab companies in the whistle-blower lawsuit. There are several different scen…

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