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Pathology Records Found At Massachusetts Dump

CEO SUMMARY: Pathologists at four Massachusetts hospitals got a powerful reminder recently that a breach of protected health information (PHI) can occur at any time for the most unexpected reason. Earlier this month, the Boston Globe reported that the pathology reports and patien…

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Pathologists Can Still Earn Medicare PQRI Incentives

CEO SUMMARY: During 2010, the Medicare Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) will pay a 2% bonus to pathologists who register and report data on 80% of their cases for the specified CPT codes. However, independent pathology laboratories still cannot participate in the PQR…

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Baylor Pathologists Form Lab with US Oncology

CEO SUMMARY: In Dallas, Pathologists Bio-Medical Laboratories is part of a new laboratory partnership that includes Baylor Health Care System, Texas Oncology, and US Oncology. The four partners ponied up a total of $40 million in cash and debt to build a state-of-the art laboratory in a 1…

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Pathology Errors in Canada Make National News Once Again

YET ONE MORE TIME, pathology errors are making national headlines in Canada. News of errors by a surgeon and a pathologist in a Windsor, Ontario, hospital caught provincial health officials off balance. The simple story is that an experienced surgeon at 305-bed Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital …

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Molecular Advances Soon To Reshape Anatomic Path

CEO SUMMARY: Early this month, the second annual Molecular Summit assembled molecular first movers and early adopters to discuss their efforts to integrate molecular imaging and molecular diagnostics in patient care. One clear message emerged from two days of presentations and di…

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Ascendium Consulting Is New Firm In Lab Market

CEO SUMMARY: Growing numbers of laboratories are taking steps to reengineer work flow, evaluate automation solutions, and improve the operational performance of their laboratory. This is fueling a demand for laboratory consulting services and Ascendium Consulting is this newest healthcare…

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Laboratory Error Results In Mistaken Mastectomy

CEO SUMMARY: In New York, because of a laboratory error and wrong diagnosis, a woman underwent a needless double mastectomy. In reporting the case, New York newspapers discovered another case of lab error and both women are suing the labs involved. Each case is a reminder that the public …

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Michigan Derm Convicted On 31 Fraud Charges

CEO SUMMARY: Last year, dermatologist Robert W. Stokes, D.O., of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was indicted by the federal government for 72 counts relating to various offenses, including upcoding, and improper coding. Of this total, 35 counts against Stokes involved his billing payers for labo…

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Anatomic Pathology’s Coming Revolution: Same Day Diagnoses

CEO SUMMARY: Anatomic pathology has been conducted the same way for 100 years—but no longer at the University of Miami. Pathologists there are using microwave technology to cut processing speed by 90% and improve workflow. By producing faster diagnoses, the lab can report results on 80%…

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Pathologist Says Labs Need Read-Write RFID

CEO SUMMARY: The current state of the art for radio frequency identification (RFID) tags employs read-only chips. Labs can use these RFID chips today to track specimens at intake. But pathologist William Neeley, M.D., is most enthusiastic about the potential of read-write RFID chips, whic…

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