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Digital Pathology Enables UCLA–China Lab Connection

CEO SUMMARY: Digital pathology holds the promise of interconnecting pathologists around the globe in ways that advance diagnostic accuracy and improve patient outcomes. One pioneering digital pathology collaboration involves the pathology departments at the medical schools of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China.



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Shaw & Adelman Successful Support of Lab Networks Need Hospital Leadership

CEO Summary: In the second installment of our exclusive two- part interview, the executive directors of two regional laboratory networks formed in the 1990s (one in Michigan and one in Washington State) share their assessment of why their respective lab networks have performed strongly over the past two decades. They also identify the reasons why

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Why Can’t Hospital Laboratories Collaborate?

MOST PEOPLE KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT THE INNER WORKINGS of the clinical laboratory industry generally agree that hospital laboratories possess inherent advantages over commercial laboratories—anytime a hospital lab outreach program is organized properly and marketed professionally.

Certainly the managed care contracting success of Joint Venture Hospital Laboratories (JVHL) in Detroit and throughout the state of Michigan bears testimony

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THE DARK REPORT Honors Lab “Movers & Shakers”

CEO SUMMARY: It’s time again to recognize and honor the lab industry’s strong leaders in innovative management. These laboratory executives are implementing business strategies designed to position their lab organizations to serve the changing needs of the healthcare system. Their vision and willingness to “stay the course” are traits they hold in common.


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Competitive Dynamics In the Laboratory Testing Marketplace

This section of the White Paper deals with the marketplace for laboratory services. For brevity and clarity, I will address five components: 1) independent commercial laboratories; 2) hospital-based laboratories; 3) esoteric, reference, and specialty testing laboratories; 4) anatomic pathology lab- oratories; and 5) diagnostics manufacturers and suppliers.

These groups represent the basic divisions within the competitive

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Single-Specialty Path PPMs Posting Strong Growth, Profits

CEO SUMMARY: Although the financial travails of the physician practice management (PPM) industry are widely known, there is little recognition that a number of single-specialty PPMs are doing well. This is true of pathology, where at least six pathology-based PPMs still remain in business. The best of them demonstrate strong revenue growth and good profits.

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