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Seeking Market Clout, Labs Form Networks

CEO SUMMARY: Meet “Test Exchange Networks!” These are shared laboratory testing networks that have spontaneously appeared in different communities across the nation. Typically two or more local laboratories come together and begin to collaborate by sharing any number of resources. These collaborative networks can include community hospital laboratories, local pathology group practices, and even physicians’

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Revamped Houston JV Validates Industry Trend

CEO SUMMARY: Change is notoriously slow in both the hospital and the clinical laboratory industry. The announcement of a revamped laboratory joint venture between Houston’s Memorial Hermann Healthcare System and Dynacare demonstrates that market pressures continue to encourage the rationalization of laboratory services. It doesn’t hurt that this joint venture also expects to post healthy

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Sales & Marketing Is Critical To Success Of Labs & Pathologists

CEO SUMMARY: Careful study of the most successful lab oratories operating today reveals a common characteristic: the effective use of sale s and marketing methods to boost specimen volume, revenue, and operating profits. This is true whether it’s a hospital lab outreach program, a commercial laboratory company, or an anatomic pathology practice. These laboratories are

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Washington State’s PacLab Network Is A Regional Winner

CEO SUMMARY: As a regional laboratory network, PacLab is unusual in one respect: participating hospital laboratories did not meet endlessly to talk about what they should do. Instead, action was the operative word for these network organizers. Since becoming operational in 1996, their bias for action has rewarded all participating laboratories. Test volumes are up

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Veterans Administration Network Restructures Using Partnering, Telepathology

CEO SUMMARY: Economic pressures are forcing even the traditional and staid Veterans Administration to extensively reconfigure its laboratory services. At this year’s Executive War College in New Orleans, participants learned how one eight-hospital VA region consolidated testing around two core labs, entered into a partnership with a commercial laboratory, and used telepathology to serve a

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Lab Services In Canada Undergo Radical Changes

CEO SUMMARY: Canada’s single-payer healthcare system is undergoing transformation. Rising costs now compel individual provinces to re-engineer their existing healthcare arrangements. In Alberta, commercial laboratories were forced to merge and cooperate with hospital-based laboratories.

UPHEAVALS WITHIN CANADA’S HEALTHCARE SYSTEM radically transforming laboratories. This is particularly true of Alberta, where the province brought both hospital and commercial

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