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Patient ABNs Can Save On Expensive Send-outs

CEO SUMMARY: Throughout the United States, the growing number of high-priced, patent-protected specialty tests is eating into the laboratory budgets of many hospitals. At Hospital Consolidated Laboratories in Southfield, Michigan, this budget-busting threat triggered an innovative respons…

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Arguing in Favor of Regional Laboratory Networks

TWO STORIES IN THIS ISSUE OF THE DARK REPORT DEMONSTRATE why regional laboratory networks are a business model which should be revisited by hospital laboratories with outreach programs. Seattle provides a great example of how an existing laboratory network gives hospitals in that region an addition…

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Seattle Hospital Lab JVs Involve Quest & LabCorp

CEO SUMMARY: Joint ventures and collaborative business relationships between hospital laboratories and commercial laboratories continue to be a difficult business model. Recent events in Seattle demonstrate the challenges and frustrations of establishing such ventures, then making them su…

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“Free Testing” Strategy Stirs the Pot in Tenn.

CEO SUMMARY: In Tennessee, the state’s Medicaid HMO plan has been at odds with Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, which is using the “free testing” strategy to expand its share of the market. In recent months, TennCare Select has taken active steps to insure its physicians understand tha…

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Lab Director Takes a Stand On Patented Genetic Testing

THIS LETTER APPEARED in the mailbag after our special intelligence briefing on how genetics will transform healthcare and before our look at how high-priced specialty esoteric testing is causing budget headaches for regional labs. (See TDRs, December 30, 2002 and …

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Several Major Surprises Mark Events of 2002

CEO SUMMARY: It was a year when the two blood brothers got much bigger and expanded market share by buying their largest competitors. With patient safety as the goal, employers began active steps to force hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers to use quality management syst…

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Why Do Michigan Hospital Labs “Have it Together?

WHAT MAKES HOSPITAL LABORATORY ADMINISTRATORS AND PATHOLOGISTS in Michigan so willing to be both innovative and collaborative in creating sophisticated and financially successful regional laboratory organizations? As you will read on pages 2-6, Michigan Co-Tenancy Laboratory (MCL), …

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Hospitals in Michigan Build Unique Shared Lab

CEO SUMMARY: This operational model for a collaborative regional laboratory organization makes “profit” irrelevant. Serving 30 hospitals in four Midwestern states, Michigan Co-Tenancy Laboratories is consistently expanding lab testing services, lowering costs, and emphasizing the labo…

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Two Blood Brothers Use “Free Testing” Strategy

CEO SUMMARY: It’s a business strategy that Quest Diagnostics Incorporated and Laboratory Corporation of America use in selected areas where they have lost exclusive managed care contracts to regional lab competitors. In order to retain access to a physician’s fee-for-service testing b…

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Will “Free Testing” Ploy Financially Affect Labs?

CEO SUMMARY: It’s a marketing scheme which public lab companies have quietly used for years. Now there is evidence that the use of “Waiver of Charges to Managed Care Patients” (free testing) seems to be on the increase, raising new questions about how and why competitive practices a…

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