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Lab Test Utilization Delivers Big Gains at Cleveland Clinic

CEO SUMMARY: Since the launch of a laboratory test utilization program in 2011 at the Cleveland Clinic, more than 35,000 duplicate or inappropriate test orders have been stopped. The test utilization team introduced five initiatives that are not designed to cut spending but to introduce evidence-based and consensus-driven methods to lab-test ordering. Another benefit is that needless blood draws are being eliminated, thus improving patient care and satisfaction.

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UnitedHealth’s Decision Reveals Lab Market Shift

CEO SUMMARY: News that UnitedHealth Group, Inc. added Esoterix, Inc. to its national laboratory services contract is a big story. UnitedHealth’s decision to expand the laboratory panel demonstrates that factors other than lowest price played an important role. The move to supplement its two national labs with a third laboratory option indicates that UnitedHealth’s existing

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New Market Channel For Esoteric Testing

CEO SUMMARY: It’s a new marketing model for specialty esoteric tests that presents both clinical and financial challenges to hospital and health system laboratories. Niche labs offering esoteric tests are sending sales reps directly to physicians and bypassing pathologists and lab directors at local hospital laboratories. These tests come bundled in high-priced panels and often

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ARUP & Mayo Respond To New Market Cycle

CEO SUMMARY: Since the beginning of 2002, several important events changed the competitive status quo among the nation’s leading providers of hospital send-out testing. As part of its ongoing assessment of this market segment, THE DARK REPORT provides strategic management insights from executives at ARUP Laboratories and Mayo Medical Laboratories.


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