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Gene Testing Lab Goes ‘Cold Turkey,’ Stops Billing Health Plans

CEO SUMMARY: Last year, Kailos Genetics stopped collecting third-party payment, dropped its prices sharply, and started marketing its genetic-screening tests directly to consumers and physicians. At the time, 100% of its revenue came from third-party payers. Today, it gets 100% of its revenue from consumers. After eliminating third-party payment, revenue dropped precipitously, but is now

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Why You Want the Insider’s Perspective of Lab News

Our editorial team was discussing this quote as we assembled this issue of THE DARK REPORT. It features two primary stories. First is the effort by UnitedHealthcare, BeaconLBS (and its owner, Laboratory Corporation of America), to require all physicians and all laboratories serving UHC patients in Florida to comply with a specific system of lab test pre-notification and pre- authorization. We report on more dissatisfaction by physicians about the intent and function of UHC’s laboratory benefits management program.

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Two Blood Brothers Report Declines in Revenue-Per-Req

REIMBURSEMENT FOR CLINICAL laboratory testing has declined, particularly for molecular tests. As a consequence, the nation’s two largest laboratory testing companies are feeling the negative effect of lower lab test prices.

Both Quest Diagnostics Incorporated and Laboratory Corporation of America issued their third quarter earnings reports last week. Their respective performances provide insights into several unfolding

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Mass. AG Coakley Cites Two Labs in 48-Count Medicaid Kickback Case

MASSACHUSETTS ATTORNEY GENERAL Martha Coakley has cited two lab companies in a case involving kickbacks related to drugs of abuse testing.

Coakley’s office made the announcement on March 8. Coakley alleges that fees were collected from patients illegally and that prescriptions for medications were illegally issued to patients diagnosed with opiate addiction.
Four Defendants Indicted
Earlier this month,

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Rosetta Genetics, Aureon Biosciences, Plus Diagnostics, Atherotech, Sequenom

TO CUT EXPENSES AND SHIFT MORE FUNDING toward sales of its proprietary molecular tests, Rosetta Genomics says it will eliminate 35 jobs. The company, based in Israel, operates a clinical laboratory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia laboratory employs eight people, but Rosetta did not disclose whether staff layoffs would happen

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