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Tougher Times Ahead as Labs React to Fee Cuts

CEO SUMMARY: Just as Nero is reputed to have fiddled while Rome burned, officials at CMS seem to be doing their own fiddling as their planned deep price cuts to Medicare Part B lab tests could begin driving lab companies out of business. In recent weeks, the owners of two lab companies de…

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CMS Extends Reporting of Payer Prices by 60 Days

CEO SUMMARY: Last Thursday, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said it was extending the deadline for certain labs to report their private payer lab test prices by an additional 60 days, until May 30. Statements by CMS officials indicate that either or both the number …

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Texas Lawmakers Asked to Stop UHC and BeaconLBS

CEO SUMMARY: In a letter to the Texas Legislature, 20 Texas medical societies say UnitedHealthcare’s BeaconLBS program would be detrimental to patient care. The Texas Medical Association and the Texas Society of Pathologists said they were concerned that the program increases the admini…

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PAMA, LDTs and Theranos Top 2014 Biggest News

CEO SUMMARY: Not in recent memory has a single calendar year brought such a cascade of news stories that have the potential to affect nearly every clinical lab and pathology group in the United States. Blame it on the lack of money to fund healthcare and how it is motivating government an…

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“September 4, 2001 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Here’s early warning: Medicare and Medicaid funding will become high-profile issues during 2002. Numbers just released by the Congressional Budget Office indicate that Medicare spending will increase by 10% during fiscal 2001 over fiscal 2000. Increased provider payments are contri…

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Cheerios® Teaching Consumers Facts About Laboratory Testing

FOR YEARS, BOTH HOSPITAL LABS and independent commercial labs considered physicians and payers to be the primary customers for lab testing. The lab testing needs of patients as customers seldom came up when lab managers discussed how to organize and deliver their lab’s testing services. In fact, m…

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