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Sonic HealthCare In US: How Will Market Change?

CEO SUMMARY: LabOne, Inc.’s acquisition by Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, announced in early August, removes, as a competitor, a lab company that was growing and beginning to credibly challenge the two blood brothers. Just weeks later, Sonic Healthcare Ltd.’s purchase of Clinical Pat…

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Sonic Healthcare Buys Clinical Pathology Labs

CEO SUMMARY: It’s one of the most interesting lab acquisitions to take place in the past decade. Pathologist-owners of Austin, Texas-based Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Inc. are selling up to 85% of their lab company to Sonic Healthcare, Ltd, Australia’s largest laboratory firm. Th…

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LabCorp Buys Esoterix For $150 Million in Cash

CEO SUMMARY: Laboratory Corporation of America continues to display an appetite to grow by acquisition. However, its purchase of Esoterix, Inc. creates unique management problems for LabCorp, because Esoterix is itself a product of a lab acquisition strategy. Over the past ten years, Esot…

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Spectrum Owns MEDex, Comments on Trends

CEO SUMMARY: Spectrum Laboratory Network recently completed its acquisition of MEDex Laboratories, Inc. of Kingsport, Tennessee. It is becoming a regional laboratory powerhouse, challenging Laboratory Corporation of America in North Carolina and establishing a sales base in Atlanta, long-…

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Review of 2004 Lab Sales Identifies Buyer Interest

CEO SUMMARY: Laboratory acquisition activity was surprisingly high during 2004. One reason is that new buyers appeared in the marketplace. However, all buyers have specific acquisition criteria. When a selling lab meets that criteria, it can expect multiple bidders and a strong purchase p…

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2003’s Big Lab Stories Reflect Health Trends

CEO SUMMARY: At a minimum, 2003 proved to be a year of relative stability for the laboratory industry, as demonstrated by THE DARK REPORT’S “Ten Biggest Lab Stories of 2003.” The year was free of industry-wide crises and scan- dals. That allowed most laboratory administrators and pa…

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Who’s Buying Labs? Activity Shifts Down

CEO SUMMARY: As the number of independent clinical laboratories dwindles, most remaining owners seem content to continue building their business—at least until a buyer makes them an offer “they can’t refuse.” Acquisitions of pathology group practices were also few in number during…

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“August 18, 2003 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Recently Laboratory Corporation of America recruited and rehired three DIANON sales reps who had left the company following its acquisition by LabCorp earlier this year. On its second quarter conference call, LabCorp officials, under criticism for numerous departures of DIANON sales …

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THE DARK REPORT Honors Lab “Movers & Shakers”

CEO SUMMARY: It’s time again to recognize and honor the lab industry’s strong leaders in innovative management. These laboratory executives are implementing business strategies designed to position their lab organizations to serve the changing needs of the healthcare system. Their vis…

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Winners and Losers in the Lab Industry

NOTHING WAS EASY FOR COMMERCIAL AND HOSPITAL LABS during the past decade. Reimbursement for lab tests was slashed. Onerous compliance requirements for Medicare increased costs and added to the legal risk of operating a laboratory. Patient access was restricted through exclusive HMO and managed care c…

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