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COLA Questions UHC on BeaconLBS Accredit Rules

CEO SUMMARY: UnitedHealthcare’s ‘Laboratories of Choice’ network in Florida accepts only labs accredited by the College of American Pathologists and The Joint Commission. In March, COLA wrote to UnitedHealth to question this policy which excludes labs accredited by the five other accrediting bodies that hold deeming status from CMS. COLA has requested that UnitedHealthcare reconsider this program requirement, but UnitedHealthcare has not yet changed this policy.

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Pathologists Benefit from Hospital Lab Consulting

CEO SUMMARY: Deteriorating finances at many rural hospitals and smaller community hospitals is a growing trend. It is also a new consulting opportunity for local pathologists because financially-strapped hospitals often give their labs inadequate working capital and lack the staff needed to comply fully with state and federal compliance requirements. In Shreveport, Louisiana, Delta Pathology

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Louisiana Pathologists ‘Moonlight’ as Consultants

CEO SUMMARY: Few independent pathology groups have developed robust laboratory consulting businesses. But adopting that strategy has brought important benefits to Delta Pathology Group, LLC, of Shreveport, Louisiana. Not only has providing lab consulting services to cash-strapped hospitals led to ongoing lab management contracts, but Delta’s consulting arm, called Pathology Resource Network, is gaining a

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Rural Hospital Labs and their Lab Directors

FROM TWO DIFFERENT STATES, WE PRESENT INTELLIGENCE BRIEFINGS that have a common element: laboratories in many rural hospitals are struggling. We consider these stories, when taken together, to be persuasive evidence that some significant number of rural hospital laboratories are experiencing ongoing erosion of their financial stability.

First, you will read about the closure of 37-bed

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Lack of Succession Plan Now Hurts Many Labs

CEO SUMMARY: Throughout the past decade, laboratory administrators and pathologists have been reminded about the importance of having a succession plan in their laboratory. Now one veteran lab industry CEO says the lack of a succession plan, unexpected retirements, the discovery of serious compliance deficiencies, or failure to achieve financial targets are the reasons why

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