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December 22, 2008 “Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Last Thursday, Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. of Tucson, Arizona, announced that it would purchase the “Outreach Advantage Solution” software system developed by Pathology Associates Medical Laborator ies of Spokane, Washington. PAML has spent most of this decade developing a comprehensive, integrated software system designed specifically to give hospital laboratory outreach programs a full service capability

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CYP450 Testing To Have Major Clinical Impact

CEO SUMMARY: Pharmacogenomics, companion diagnostics, “personalized prescription drug therapy”—by any name, use of molecular diagnostics to guide clinicians in the prescribing and dosing of drugs is about to expand exponentially. Some experts predict that CYP450 testing alone will be a $1 billion business for labs in just a few years. Here’s a look at the forces driving this

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Buyout of AmeriPath Riles Some Shareholders

CEO SUMMARY: Owners of the few remaining independent private laboratory companies closely watch prices paid by lab buyers. In the pending sale of AmeriPath to private equity investor Welsh, Carson, Anderson, & Stowe, dissenting shareholders disclosed several aspects of the valuation process. This information provides useful insights into the process of valuing laboratory companies.


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