“August 21, 2000 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

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Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc. (BRLI) announced that its physician Web portal service, CareEvolve.com, gained 200 enrolled physicians in the first eight days following its August 1, 2000 release. As a laboratory company, BRLI recognizes that its physician network is the real asset in today’s world of healthcare informatics. CareEvolve.com is BRLI CEO Dr. Mark Grodman’s answer to protecting the laboratory’s turf from incursions by the multitude of healthcare e-commerce start-ups.


As a laboratory, Bio-Reference’s Internet strategy sets it apart from all other clinical labs in the United States. Its physician Web portal not only links the lab to the doctor for lab test ordering and results reporting, but offers the doctor a full menu of services, including his own Web site, ISP, electronic payer enrollment, claims submission, etc. Best of all for the lab, the physician pays BRLI a monthly fee for these services!


Motorola Inc. signed an agreement last Thursday to use Incyte Genomics Inc.’s gene-patent portfolio and gene-sequence databases in its biochips. Motorola wants to commercialize biochips that feature DNA bioarrays. The business plan is to offer these biochips to pharmaceutical companies, as well as independent researchers in hospitals and universities. Nicholas Naclerio, Vice President and General Manager of Motorola BioChip Systems, predicted that, within as little as five years, “you will be able to go into a doctor’s office and be tested. You will be able to determine if an infection you have is drug-resistant or not and potentially be screened for cancer.”


Motorola predicts that it will have DNA biochips ready for sale later this year. It shows the explosive speed with which genomic technology will hit the healthcare market- place. IBM announced last Wednesday that it would invest $100 million into life sciences and genomic-based applications. IBM predicts that the $3.5 billion spent this year in the life sciences technology market will grow to $9 billion in 2003! Motorola’s biochips are intended to compete with Affymetrix’s biochips. The fact that Motorola will sell biochips in the healthcare marketplace demonstrates that chip technology will soon become as common in healthcare as it is in today’s telecommunications and consumer devices. This means the day of the “lab on a chip” will arrive much sooner than most laboratorians expect.


Clients and regular readers of THE DARK REPORT may want to read the story about this year’s EXECUTIVE WAR COLLEGE that appeared in the July issue of MLO Magazine. Editor Darlene Berger did a detailed story about the events at this year’s program. MLO Magazine is the first major lab industry publication to do an in-depth analysis of our annual EXECUTIVE WAR COLLEGE on laboratory and pathology management.


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