Why You Rely on a Vigilant Lab Industry Press

AS YOU WILL READ ON PAGE 9 of this issue, THE DARK REPORT was recently honored by a national news association, which awarded it first place for “Best Investigative Reporting” against some tough competition.

Indulge me, for a moment, as I explain to you why this is a big deal. As a laboratory leader, you cannot make the best decisions if you lack accurate and timely news and understanding about current developments in the laboratory testing marketplace and the healthcare system it serves.

In fact, when there is a lack of informed news and understanding, it becomes easier to make the wrong business decision, with dire consequences to your laboratory, your loyal employees, and probably your personal career status. And that is why THE DARK REPORT, and its peer news sources covering the lab testing industry, are essential partners in your success.

Every day with every patient specimen, your laboratory has the power to change the course of that patient’s life. It can be for the better if an accurate result aids the clinician in making a difficult diagnosis. But, it can be for the worse if the lab test result is inaccurate due to the lab’s internal deficiencies and failures, thus misleading patient and doctor. Every lab professional knows how a single wrong lab test result can cause irreversible—and sometimes lifelong—harm to the patient.

It may not have occurred to you that your preferred source of lab news and analysis faces similar risks. You rely on your lab news provider to cover all the stories that are important. You trust your lab news source to get the facts right, and provide objective and unbiased reporting of these news events. Simply put, you want to trust your source of laboratory news just as patients and physicians want to trust the accuracy of the lab test results reported by your laboratory.

That is why it is important to you as a reader that THE DARK REPORT has won its second national journalism award for “Best Investigative Reporting.” This is validation by an independent panel of journalists that THE DARK REPORT is both covering the stories that are important to the laboratory industry and reporting them accurately.

I hope you will join me in congratulating editor Robert L. Michel and the entire team at THE DARK REPORT for this national recognition. It is a sign that there is a free and independent press reporting on the stories that are important to the laboratory testing profession.


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