Cerner, Gajema Software, India Labs Look to U.K. & U.S.A

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WITH ITS ACQUISITION of Gajema Software, announced on August 17, Cerner Corporation is moving an existing four-year business relationship to a higher level.

Gajema, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, sells a solution to help labs track specimens from the pre-analytical operations of their outreach programs through analytical and post-analytical functions.

“During the four years of this partnership, a complementary fit between our two organizations developed,” stated Greg White, formerly CEO of Gajema and now a Vice President with Cerner. “As our sales to individual laboratories increased in recent years, it became clear that Gajema and our clients would bene- fit from the synergy between the two company’s products and services.

“Gajema unifies completely with Cerner Laboratory Outreach solutions, enabling labs to track specimens from the point-of-collection through results reporting,” he said. “We will maintain a full product suite for non-Cerner customers,” he observed. “In parallel, Gajema products will be integrated as appropriate with Cerner’s products. In fact, it is that type of collaboration which brought our companies together originally.”

Gajema’s original product was focused exclusively on logistics. Laboratories used it for point-to-point specimen tracking, dispatch, and other logistics functions. That gave Gajema the platform to develop additional functions now used in client services, supply distribution and utilization measurement, quality control, metrics management in the outreach program, and other functions. According to White, 100% of the Gajema staff remained after the merger. Continuity of service and product development is continuing without interruption.


There’s been widespread publicity in this country about the outsourcing of jobs to India. So far, healthcare services are not involved in this activity.

One of India’s most aggressive laboratory companies is actively looking for outsourcing opportunities in the United Kingdom. Last month, a British newspaper printed a short news item that Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. of New Dehli, India had met with officials from the National Health Service (NHS) explore ways to provide India-based lab testing services in the U.K.

This triggered a flood of critical comments by pathologists and laboratory administrators in the United Kingdom. The NHS issued an official statement disavowing any plans to send lab specimens from the U.K. to labs in India. THE DARK REPORT believes that it was actually a clever bit of marketing one-upmanship by Ranbaxy, which, at its own initiative, solicited a meeting with NHS officials.

That said, the United States is also on the radar screen. In the last six weeks, THE DARK REPORT has been contacted by two different entities representing laboratory companies in India. They are actively evaluating the viability of outsourcing U.S. lab specimens to India. More to come on this unfolding story.


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