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Anthem Launches Program to Manage Genetic Tests

CEO SUMMARY: Pre-authorization of genetic tests is coming to physicians serving patients insured by Anthem, Inc. Its specialty benefits management company, AIM Specialty Health, will manage the program. AIM will work with InformedDNA, a company that specializes in genetic testing clinical decision support and genetic counseling for health insurers. Anthem has about 40 million members

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September 17, 2012 “Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Exome sequencing testing for cancer patients is now offered by the Cancer Genetics Laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) in Houston, Texas. This clinical testing will be performed using next-generation gene sequencing technology. Pathologists at Baylor are among the first in the nation to offer exome-based testing services. “Cancer exome sequencing is poised to

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IN RESPONSE TO THE GROWING SHORTAGE of skilled lab scientists and medical technologists, DeVry University of Phoenix, Arizona, is offering a new bachelor’s degree program in Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS). What is notable about this development is that DeVry is a private, for-profit organization and believes

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Oncology Diagnostics Attracts Big Money

MORE SURPRISING DEVELOPMENTS for the anatomic pathology profession during the past three weeks! The impending $215 million acquisition of IMPATH, Inc. by Genzyme Corporation, announced on March 1, has the potential to send new ripples across the national market for oncology testing.

What makes the Genzyme–IMPATH combination particularly fascinating was the $1 billion Genzyme paid, just days

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