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Some Labs Performing ADLTs May See Increased Medicare Fees

MIXED IN THE BAD NEWS concerning the proposed Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule for 2018, there is some good news regarding what the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services proposes to pay for certain advanced diagnostic tests. After analyzing the proposed fee schedule, …

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UnitedHealthcare, BeaconLBS Respond with Statements

IN FLORIDA, BOTH CLINICAL LABS and physicians have expressed concerns UnitedHealthcare’s Laboratory presented in full on this page and the following page. about Benefit Management Program that formally becomes effective on October 1. From that date forward, physicians will be requi…

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November 11, 2013 “Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Who would have guessed that Angelina Jolie would do a multi-million-dollar favor to Myriad Genetics, Inc.? Jolie caused quite a stir earlier this year when she went public with the news that she had done a prophylactic double mastectomy after she had learned the results of her BRCA test for br…

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Is Lab Industry Ready for Facebook and MySpace?

WHO COULD HAVE IMAGINED, JUST A FEW YEARS AGO, that social networking sites such as,, and would become a useful platform that allows clinical laboratories, pathology groups, and in vitro diagnostics (IVD) companie…

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New Clinical Lab Trends To Shape Events in 2010

CEO SUMMARY: In presenting this list of macro trends for clinical laboratories, several themes are in play. They range from a continued emphasis on improving lab operations to the need to acquire and deploy sophisticated information technology. During the next few years, the long…

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Textbook Marketing Fuels Demand for BRCA Test

CEO SUMMARY: In today’s lab testing marketplace, the hot ticket is to introduce a proprietary or patent-protected molecular test for cancer. The sales and marketing model inspiring many of these new lab testing companies is that used by Myriad Genetics, Inc. since it introduced…

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Lab M&A Deals in June Show Market Direction

CEO SUMMARY: Despite a dismal economy, the month of June spawned two interesting merger/acquisition transactions in the lab testing industry. In one case, a blood brother gobbled up a specialty diagnostics company. In another transaction, two cross-town neighbors in Kansas City m…

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Ventana & Cytyc Fall Short, Danaher Wins the Prize

WHEN Danaher Corporation’s high bid for Vision Systems Limited of Melbourne, Australia, was accepted last month, it appeared to be simply another acquisition by a large U.S. manufacturer. But, in fact, there are four reasons this transaction is significant to patho…

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HPV Test Volume Grows With Payer Acceptance

CEO SUMMARY: Because cervical cancer screening involves more than 55 million Pap tests per year in the United States, it is a high-profile segment of the lab testing industry. HPV testing is making steady inroads into the cervical cancer screening process. Digene Corporation is the direct…

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Bio-Reference Labs, Sunquest, Beckman Coulter, Vysis

BIO-REFERENCE LABS REPORTS STRONG GROWTH IN REVENUE & EARNINGS LIKE MOST PUBLIC LAB COMPANIES, the financial news continues to be good at Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc., based in Elmwood Park, NJ. For second quarter ending April 30, 2001, the lab reported revenues of …

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