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LabCorp’s MacMahon Provides Insights About Lab Marketplace

CEO SUMMARY: Pathologists will be particularly interested in what Thomas MacMahon has to say about the evolution of laboratory medicine. As Chairman, President, and CEO of Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, he has continuous access to some of the best strategic analysis about the laboratory testing marketplace and its evolution. MacMahon has several surprising predictions

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Quest Diagnostics, CVS Pharmacies, Premier, Novation, Luminex, Careside.


PATHOLOGISTS CONCERNED about pharmacists moving into the lab testing arena should closely watch the newly-announced relationship between Quest Diagnostics Incorporated and CVS Corporation.

Starting this month, CVS pharmacies in Columbus, Ohio and Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida now sell lab tests. Participating pharmacies have a card display for 12 different

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Management Execution Makes a Difference

THERE’S PLENTY OF HOOROAR AND EXCITEMENT about skyrocketing stock prices for several public lab and pathology companies in 2000! But this crusty old curmudgeon has been around the investment industry too long to accept Wall Street’s new-found enthusiasm for clinical laboratories as definitive proof of the lab industry’s financial turnaround.

For example, it’s exciting to see the

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“State of Lab Industry” Holds Surprises for All

CEO SUMMARY: Say goodbye to several of the trends which shaped the lab industry during the 1990s, such as consolidation and government compliance programs. Although these trends won’t completely disappear, they will be superseded by a number of new transformational influences. During the next 48 months, these influences will bring lightning change to clinical labs

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CARESIDE POC Solution in entirety, the traditional way of performing tests in the To Alter Lab Organization

CEO SUMMARY: CARESIDE’s point-of-care testing system gives laboratory executives a new tool for bringing value-added laboratory services to clinicians. In this exclusive interview, W. Vickery Stoughton, Chairman and CEO of CARESIDE, Inc., shares his perspectives on the clinical laboratory marketplace. As President of SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories, Mr. Stoughton was responsible for starting the effort

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“Distributed” Lab Model Soon to Become Reality

CEO SUMMARY: During the 1990s, laboratory automation was expected to have the greatest impact upon the structure and organization of laboratories. However, like the famous race between the tortoise and the hare, it’s our prediction that point-of-care testing technology, quietly advancing in the background, will have a more revolutionary impact on the way clinical laboratories

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