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reference pricing strategy

Alert to All Labs: Beware Of ‘Reference Pricing’

CEO SUMMARY: “Reference pricing” does not refer to how a lab negotiates prices with its reference lab! Rather, reference pricing describes a specific approach to health plan benefits that incentivizes the consumer to choose lower-cost providers while allowing that consumer to still us…

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Lead Researcher Outlines New Details Of Laboratory Test Price Study

CEO SUMMARY: There is always a story behind the story, and THE DARK REPORT went to the lead researcher of the reference pricing study published in JAMA Internal Medicine to get it. In this interview, James C. Robinson, PhD, of the University of C…

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Strategy Lowers CalPERS’ Price of Joint Surgeries

CEO SUMMARY: Probably the most-watched reference pricing program in healthcare to date was initiated by CalPERS. It focused on the variability in the prices of knee and hip replacement surgeries. Just as Safeway experienced a drop in clinical lab test prices of 32% in its reference pricin…

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