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Educated Consumers Buying 250-Bioassay Lab Test Panel

CEO SUMMARY: Biophysical Corporation is creating a new, direct-to-consumer market for laboratory testing. Its unique approach is to offer 250-bioassay test panels—along with a staff physician review of results—to the educated, informed consumer. Testing multiple biomarkers ma…

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Navigenics Buys Clinical Lab From Affymetrix Last Month

IF NAVIGENICS INC. HAD A SLOGAN to match its business model, it might be, “Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!” Last month the personal genomics testing company acquired a clinical testing laboratory. In a deal with Affymetrix, Inc., Navigenics purchased the …

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“Information Therapy” Plays to Labs’ Strengths

IT’S TIME TO PAY ATTENTION TO A GROWING AREA OF MEDICINE loosely described as “information therapy.” It is the concept of providing consumers and patients with reliable health information without requiring face-to-face visits with physicians or other healthcare professionals. For clinical labo…

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