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Educated Consumers Buying 250-Bioassay Lab Test Panel

CEO SUMMARY: Biophysical Corporation is creating a new, direct-to-consumer market for laboratory testing. Its unique approach is to offer 250-bioassay test panels—along with a staff physician review of results—to the educated, informed consumer. Testing multiple biomarkers makes it possible to identify disease and predict risk in asymptomatic patients. High profile customers such as Oprah Winfrey

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Navigenics Buys Clinical Lab From Affymetrix Last Month

IF NAVIGENICS INC. HAD A SLOGAN to match its business model, it might be, “Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!” Last month the personal genomics testing company acquired a clinical testing laboratory.

In a deal with Affymetrix, Inc., Navigenics purchased the Affymetrix Clinical Services Laboratory, a CLIA-certified testing facility in Sacramento, California. This lab provides molecular

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“Information Therapy” Plays to Labs’ Strengths

IT’S TIME TO PAY ATTENTION TO A GROWING AREA OF MEDICINE loosely described as “information therapy.” It is the concept of providing consumers and patients with reliable health information without requiring face-to-face visits with physicians or other healthcare professionals.

For clinical laboratories and anatomic pathologists, this is an important development. After all, information is the stock

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