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Quest Sells OralDNA, HemoCue To Clear Its Decks for 2013

THIS WEEK, Quest Diagnostics Incorporated will issue its fourth quarter and full year 2012 financial report. In anticipation of this, the nation’s largest lab company has been cleaning out its closets, so to speak. With its new CEO finishing out his first eight months of service, …

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Pathology Boot Camp to Address Three Trends

CEO SUMMARY: Anatomic pathology groups across the nation must develop effective strategies to address challenges in pricing, intensifying competition, and expensive new technologies. That’s the assertion of three pathology practice administrators who have organized a boot camp in Dallas…

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AACC and CAP Meetings Generate Useful Insights

IT WAS A BUSY TIME LAST WEEK on the lab industry meeting circuit. THE DARK REPORT made the rounds and uncovered some valuable intelligence for lab directors and pathologists. First on the meeting tour was Philadelphia, site of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) a…

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Medical Arts Lab Opts To File For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

CEO SUMMARY: Dissident shareholders and a crushing debt burden are the reason Medical Arts Laboratory decided to file for reorganization under Chapter 11 bankruptcy laws. Both factors are the legacy of an ill-fated attempt to create a national laboratory organization between 1994 and 1997…

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Successful Specialty IPO Can Open Door for Others

CEO SUMMARY: It’s no secret that a handful of laboratory companies would like to complete an initial public offering (IPO). If Specialty Labs’ public offering goes well, expect these lab companies to bring their own stock offerings to the public equity markets. As the number of public…

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New CEO Takes Charge At Pathology Partners

CEO SUMMARY: Pathology Partners, Inc. got a new President and CEO this month. The company is organized to build and operate independent regional histology and cytology laboratories in support of anatomic pathologists. Its business model is different than competing pathology companies and …

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AmeriPath, Cytyc, Unilab, Naiad

AMERIPATH INKS PACT WITH MEDAPHIS, BUYS FLORIDA PATH PRACTICE Things are busy at AmeriPath, Inc. of Riviera Beach, Florida. The pathology practice management company announced a number of accomplishments. First, it signed an agreement with Medaphis Corporation…

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DARK REPORT Picks 1998’s Ten Biggest Lab Stories

CEO SUMMARY: Our story picks for 1998 demonstrate a broad range of subjects. Each affects laboratories and pathology practices in significant ways and should be used to trigger appropriate management strategies. Two essential themes among this year’s ten biggest lab stories: continued d…

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PPM Giant MedPartners Exits Doctor Management

THIRD IN A SERIES WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN the largest companies in a multibillion dollar industry announce that they will “get out” of that business? That is the question which must be answered after MedPartners, Inc. joined PhyMatrix Corp. in p…

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Pathology PPMs Unlike Most Other PPM Firms

PHYSICIAN PRACTICE MANAGEMENT (PPM) companies have arrived at pathology’s doorstep. For better or worse, a new era is pushing its way into the pathology profession. In the first installment of this exclusive DARK REPORT series, we exposed the rotten secret behind the …

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