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Expense of Phlebotomy Leases Raise Cost of Care in Australia

CEO SUMMARY: In the United States, medical labs have long recognized that paying over-market rates to lease phlebotomy space in physicians’ officers is an inducement and a violation of federal anti-kickback laws. In Australia, a law in 2010 that removed the cap on what labs could pay to…

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New Company Ready to Heat Up Slow Digital Pathology Market

CEO SUMMARY: There’s a new competitor in the digital pathology marketplace with ambitious plans to deliver a fully-integrated pathologist workflow solution. Inspirata, Inc., of Tampa, Florida, made its debut in March at an international pathology conference. In this exclusive i…

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GE, UPMC Create Company for Digital Path Imaging

CEO SUMMARY: It’s a new joint venture with the potential to transform surgical pathology. General Electric Healthcare has extensive experience at supporting physicians’ work flow with digitized imaging systems, plus ample experience with molecular bio-markers. The University of Pittsb…

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AmeriPath Pursues Ambitious Strategy Of Rapid Expansion

CEO SUMMARY: As the pathology profession’s only publicly-traded physician practice management company, AmeriPath is the spear point of far-reaching changes now transforming pathology. With an annual revenue run rate of $270 million and an ample war chest of growth capital, AmeriPath int…

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Labs Entering New Cycle Of Evolution and Change

CEO SUMMARY: As some of the nation’s most astute and forward-looking lab executives prepare to gather in New Orleans for the fourth annual EXECUTIVE WAR COLLEGE, it is time to share our assessment of the laboratory and pathology industry. Recent events presage another profound …

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PPM Giant MedPartners Exits Doctor Management

THIRD IN A SERIES WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN the largest companies in a multibillion dollar industry announce that they will “get out” of that business? That is the question which must be answered after MedPartners, Inc. joined PhyMatrix Corp. in p…

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American Path Resources Bought By Pathology PPM

CEO SUMMARY: Here is first confirmation that Pathology Consultants of America has indeed purchased American Pathology Resources. The combination of the two pathology-based physician practice management companies demonstrates that the pathology industry is on the verge of rapid transformat…

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Pathology PPM Attempts Public Offering Of Shares

CEO SUMMARY: AmeriPath’s efforts to become a public company make it the most visible management experiment in the pathology world today. Already considered controversial by many pathologists, should AmeriPath successfully pull off its proposed initial public stock offering, it will assu…

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How AmeriPath Will Alter Pathology Marketplace

CEO SUMMARY: Few pathologists realize how much impact AmeriPath’s business activities will have upon the profession of pathology. Regardless of AmeriPath’s ultimate success or failure, it will bring about irrevocable change to the pathology industry. As the harbinger of such change, A…

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AmeriPath Stock Offering Pulled By Underwriters

CEO SUMMARY: Ameripath planned to go public in March. However, the stock market’s significant decline and further evaluation of the company’s business plan caused Wall Street underwriters to defer issuing the stock. Pathologists are curious as to whether AmeriPath’s “employee” b…

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