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Sales & Marketing Is Critical To Success Of Labs & Pathologists

CEO SUMMARY: Careful study of the most successful lab oratories operating today reveals a common characteristic: the effective use of sale s and marketing methods to boost specimen volume, revenue, and operating profits. This is true whether it’s a hospital lab outreach program, a commercial laboratory company, or an anatomic pathology practice. These laboratories are

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Washington’s PacLab Network Succeeds With Standardization


CEO SUMMARY: In part one of this two-part series, we looked at how changes to healthcare in the state of Washington brought about the creation of PacLab Network Laboratories. In this concluding installment, we explore how PacLab is standardizing laboratory operations and information systems capabilities across the statewide net work. PacLab’s

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What’s Next For Regional Laboratory Networks?

SINCE THE CONCEPT OF REGIONAL LABORATORY NETWORKS burst on the scene in 1995, I have ardently believed in their potential to help hospital laboratories remain relevant in the world of managed healthcare. The early victories of Pittsburgh’s Regional Laboratory Alliance and San Francisco’s Bay Area Hospital Laboratory Network inspired all of us.

Indeed, in 1995, 1996,

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Washington State’s PacLab Network Is A Regional Winner

CEO SUMMARY: As a regional laboratory network, PacLab is unusual in one respect: participating hospital laboratories did not meet endlessly to talk about what they should do. Instead, action was the operative word for these network organizers. Since becoming operational in 1996, their bias for action has rewarded all participating laboratories. Test volumes are up

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