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Experts Say Labs May Start to Receive MDx Payments

CEO SUMMARY: In the fourth month of the current year, there is plenty of confusion and uncertainty over how the Medicare program will establish prices for the new molecular CPT codes and when both government and private payers will begin to regularly reimburse laboratorie…

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Sonic Healthcare, Bio-Reference Report Financial Performance

IN RECENT WEEKS, two of the nation’s larger public laboratory companies issued their earnings reports. In both cases, revenue growth was strong, a distinct difference from the recent financial performance of their two largest lab public company competitors. It was on August 21, 2012, when …

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Pathologists Can Offer ‘Companion Informatics’

CEO SUMMARY: Community hospitals are recognizing increased interest in personalized medicine among consumers. One expert predicts that this will create opportunities for hospital labs and pathology groups to add value by offering subspecialty expertise in molecular diagnostics, genetic te…

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Today’s Lab Test Model Won’t Survive Reforms

CEO SUMMARY: For more than three decades, independent lab companies have waxed fat by increasing their respective market share of lab test referrals from office-based physicians. This era is poised to end as growing numbers of office-based physicians begin to practice medicine within an a…

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2011’s Top 10 Lab Stories Point to a Busy 2012

CEO SUMMARY: Given the specific news stories that make up THE DARK REPORT’S list of the “Top Ten Lab Stories for 2011,” it might be said that 2011 was a rather quiet year overshadowed by anticipation of the coming reforms mandated by the Accountable Care Act of 2010. For the clinica…

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Why Capitate Genetic and Molecular Test Prices?

HOW MANY OF YOU LIVED THROUGH THE DECADE OF THE 1990s and experienced the free fall in the prices managed care plans paid for clinical laboratory testing? In California—at the peak of this insanity—some lab companies offered full risk, capitated contracts for as low as 20¢ PMPM (per member per m…

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LabCorp’s BeaconLBS Aims To Manage Genetic Tests

CEO SUMMARY: BeaconLBS is a new business created by Laboratory Corporation of America. It says it wants to help health insurance plans manage molecular diagnostics and genetic testing. BeaconLBS is now recruiting other clinical labs to join its network and is meeting with payers to offer …

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Molecular Code Stacks Now in the Payers’ Bull’s Eye

LIKE A STEAM BOILER READY TO EXPLODE FROM TOO MUCH PRESSURE, the nation’s health insurers have reached a point of no return on the subject of code-stacked claims for genetic testing and molecular diagnostics assays. Simply put, payers are ready to tackle this sensitive issue. Payers have reasonabl…

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Palmetto Execs Explain Molecular Test Policies

CEO SUMMARY: To create more transparency in the process clinical labs use to submit claims for genetic tests, molecular diagnostic tests, and for laboratory-developed tests (LDT), the nation’s largest Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) has proposed two new local coverage determina…

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Palmetto GBA Announces Molecular Test Registry

CEO SUMMARY: Palmetto GBA, the nation’s largest Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC), is asking labs in the J1 jurisdiction to submit applications for each molecular test they run. Molecular assays will receive a unique five-digit alpha-numeric identifier (Z-code) that will be enter…

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